When a  conversation on beef-eating  on facebook ,  threatens  a woman activist  with rape and acid attacks 


Some of the faces who threatened and abused Bondita Acharya on facebook

By- Kamayani Bali Mahabal

On 10 April 2017, woman human rights defender, Bondita Acharya, filed a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Department in Guwahati, Assam state in Northeast India, after she was the target of violent threats on social media.

The background of the incident is that 3 Muslim persons including a minor were arrested on the outskirts of Jorhat town on 7th April 2017 while returning home with half a kg of beef. It is claimed that they were cooking the same in a temporary hut at a construction site where they were working. The arrest has been made under The Assam Cattle Preservation Act of 1950, which does not criminalize possession or consumption of beef but only lays down the circumstances under which cattle may be permitted to be slaughtered. The FIR had been lodged by an active BJP supporter Mridu Pawan Bora. Many people were critical of this arrest on the social media since the consumption of beef is common in the North East and not confined to only the Muslim community.


According to Bondita  Acharya , the  conversation on Facebook was about people other than the Muslim community eating beef in the state. She  commented that people even from higher castes of Hindus consume beef. Suddenly, some strangers began to abuse her  using the most offensive language. They threatened her with death, rape, acid attacks, and also hurled sexually explicit abuse to defame me. What shocked me was also that the language used to abuse me was Assamese


by Sheetal Sharma

Nayanjyoti Kalita- Is it a hijra

Nayanjyoti Kalita- face looks like frog skin

Aaush Das- This harami (bastard )should be beaten up

Ankur Bairagi- Is she a randi (prostitute)

Nawalkishor Gobindadas- She looks like the 10 rupees 20 rupees types

Tipu Shah- One doesn’t need looks to speak the right thing. What is needed is personality and thinking and she has that, so, I respect U

Amrit Pran- Those who can sell their brain doesn’t have any value

Aisha Siddika- Many kafirs eat beef too…my friends eat…on their own…haha

Debjoy Das-  …., will you eat pork?

Dharmendra Talukdar Tiku- …….(some slang)

Dhrubajyoti- Which Arab gave birth to you…

Bishal Ray- Rendy

Dharmendra Talukdar Tiku-She should be beaten up with sandals

Kabyajit Mahanta- Aisha Siddika you are saying kafir, but do you know that you people are called muhajir

Tikendrajit Sarmah- You are not beautiful either (comment seems to be targeting Aisha Siddika)

Jotin Gogoi- Mh Choudhury you are her lawyer

  • (could not understand the comment)

Baivabi Bhattacharya- This woman is so weird…

Biswajit Taye- Whether she eats or not that’s on her

Raj Dey- This one’s face looks like a boy

Raj Dey- She must be non hindu

Jitmanyu Sarma- She will eat human too

Manash Saikia- We Assamese worship cow…

Munna- oooh I want to ask more questions

Munna- Can I ask more questions if you don’t mind?

Sanjay Sagar Dax- Whoever doesn’t eat pork and turtle meat he is half mad

Rowdy Sujit Bhai- Sisterfucker …(kela- Assamese slang meaning penis)…let this …(Assamese slang- johori meaning a girl/woman without legal father/parents) come to bijni (a place in Chirang district of Assam), I will make her forget her father’s name

Pranab Rajbongshi- How many comments to this post…

Manik Devnath- Chi haramjadi

Hori Dey- Throw acid on  her face

Asraful Hoque Choudhuri- everyone should report that this rendy (rendy is an assamese slang which meaqns prostitute)is herself using a fake id

Rintu Ahmed- These are fake accounts

Dhrubajyoti- Johori (abuse) muslim

Midul Ray- she is of this level

Raz sadagar- has she… (kela- abuse) gone mad or is she speaking nonsense

Ajoy Bora- why should we eat

Lj Nath- from the looks it is apparent that she is a muslim rendy(rand)

Bappy Hussain- Haha..


Shahid Azmain- one of them is a hindu …(gedi- abuse)

Gautam Govind- fake account of some …(gedi- abuse)

Pankajj Baruahh- Ohhh she must be warming the beds of beef-eating muslims too

Bhagyen Talukdar- She can not be hindu

Dharma Nath- Look at her name- bondita. She can not even write the spelling of her name correctly. What else to say. Bondita acharya. Do reply.


Pranab Rajbongshi- one can not be hindu just by writing hindu title. Nowadays many muslim boys write hindu title, and flirts with hindu girls by pretending to be hindu after calling as wrong number. Then they also make the hindu girls elope with them

Sankar Das- everyone will get the results of their work


Basab Ch Thakuria- she is the kind of grass that even a horse would not eat. I am feeling pukish after looking at her profile.

Pradip Biswas- She looks like a rakshashi

Asraful Hoque Choudhuri- look at your own face

Pranab Jyoti Kalita- these are some fake accounts. Mridul baruah is fake

Mridul Baruah- your father must be fake

Hasanur Ahmed- She looks beautiful…U should have the eyes to see her beauty…

Jitu Das- must be fake account of some congress person or … (geda- abuse). This is an attempt to spread bad culture among hindus.

Biddyut Deka- I agree with this

Goutam Mrar Bajrangi- these are rakshashes

Rahul Mayur Sarmah- she looks like a garo (a tribe from Meghalaya)


Bondita Acharya is a human rights defender from Assam, in Northeastern India, and a member of  Women in Governance (WinG) Assam. WinG is a network of women activists, leaders and civil society organisations with a common aim of bringing more women in to decision-making processes, as well as promoting peace, security and the empowerment of women. She is also the Northeast coordinator of Human Rights Defenders Alert (HRDA) and a member of the network Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression (WSS).

A local Hindu group, Bajrang Dal, issued a press statement demanding that Bondita Acharya issue a public apology for condemning the arrests.Bondita Acharya  said  Bajrang Dal  asked people on social media to identify her house in Jorhat



Meanwhile, many complaints  have been sent to various platforms including National Human  Rights Commisison (NHRC), Front Line Defenders


After the FIR was filed, now Bondita will be giving her statement  at the Jorhat court  tommorrow, April 26, 2017.