IROM SHARMILASome Good News from Manipur- by Ojas SV
1. Irom Sharmila met Meira Paibis. They shared a good dialogue and confessed that they disagree in some aspects. They discussed that the motive of their struggle is the same though the ways are different now and out of experience they don’t support joining politics. They will not be campaigning for her it she joins politics but they are with her in her struggle.
2. Irom Sharmila is getting invites to visit from all over the Manipur, even the hills of Ukhrul (where Naga are in majority). Sharmila is eager to visit the hills as its been 16 years since she saw them last!
Binayak Sen has invited her to Kolkata and Civic Chandran has invited her to Kerala. Several invitations are coming from all over India.
3. Sharmila is staying in the hospital since her food intake and body reactions need to be monitored. But anyone can visit her anytime. She is still drinking milk based protein shakes. Today she had banana shake and little boiled rice. Her body seems to be taken well to that small quantities of food. No complete solid food meal yet. Her sense of hunger is regaining!
4. Sharmila is very happy that she can meet several people. Ranjita (a friend and volunteer of JPF) stayed with her past two nights and Sharmila is happily chatting with her, sharing various stories since 5 in the morning till the late night. Talking to a non- institutional person is what she was missing all these years!
5. Sharmila’s associates are trying to initiate dialogue between her and the people around. Gradual integration with the society is a delicate process they are dealing with at present!
– From the conversation with Babloo Loitangbam, Sharmila’s associate.