Amid COVID-19 pandemic, economic crisis and cyclone stress, some people just cannot give up on religious disharmony and the recent incident of a Muslim man thrashed and attacked on the head and neck with a knife by Bajrang Dal men in Bihar, after he refused to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram‘, is proof of the same. Coming at the heels of various incidents of communal hatred which are at a rise in the country recently, Mohammad Israil from Mehsi has alleged that Ram Gopal, Rahul Banarwal, Lakhan, Prince, Abhishek and Nitesh Singh had injured him severely.

The accused reportedly belong to a nearby village called Bathna while the incident took place in Bihar’s Champaran. Speaking to The Quint, Israil shared that he had gone to a friend’s house to charge his cellphone as there was no electricity at his place due to heavy rainfall. He said, “I had gone to a friend to get my phone charged. Some people surrounded me and told me to say ‘Jai Shri Ram’. When I protested, they attacked me with a knife on my head and neck. They were beating here and there like a football.” Also Read – Bihar Artist Makes Sand Art Seeking Justice For Kerala Elephant, Calls the Incident a ‘Blot on Humanity’

Israel’s brother, Tahir revealed that the former could not speak much as he had suffered a severe injury on his head. Tahir told the news agency, “When the attackers thought that Israel had died, they ran away. Israil was then lodged in a government hospital in Mehsi. Because he was found in critical condition, he was referred to Muzaffarpur. Because of coronavirus, he was not being treated properly, so we came back to Motihari. He is now being treated in a private hospital. As of now, Israil is doing better than before.” Also Read – ‘India is Beautiful When Flooded With Love’: Mizoram CM And Netizens Laud Bihar Muslims For Kindness to Train Passengers

In the defence of the accused, the president of Bajrang Dal of Chakiya subdivision Mehsi – Golu Khilani said that his men were being framed since they belonged to the religious outfit. One of the accused, Veer Prince said, “We are being wrongly accused. We were somewhere else when the incident took place. The issue is deliberately being given a communal spin. He used to speed on his motorcycle in this locality, we don’t know who beat him up.”

The incident took place on June 4 and an FIR was reportedly been filed against the six men while the matter in under investigation. However, no arrests have been made so far.

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