You see all the corruption, you see all the pollution, you see society’s hypocritical face every day, and yet you turn a blind eye to it. Beceause who has the time right?

This rap video by Motorcycle Shayaries is a hard hitting song on the dubious and dark face of the society that is  part of our every day lives, that effects you as much as it effects me with the twist of Holi in it.

Know More About “Motorcycle Shayaries” & Their Satirical Anthem ‘Holi hai’


Here’s what’s up with the Desi Hip-Hop scenario in the country!! A recent track ‘Holi Hai by the Motorcycle Shayaries has been doing rounds over the internet and it received a great response in just 3 days! The song is one of its kind in this nation belonging the Rap-Rock genre. This song talks about all the existing hypocrisy and evils which have been prevailing since ever, all that we know about despite it not being published in the media. A satirical and hard-hitting anthem by the band Motorcycle Shayaries“.

motorcycle shayaries holi hai

What’s more exciting is DHH got all the inside details about how the band was formed and a lot more info for you to know directly from the band’s rapper Ritansh Azad!!

Q: What inspired you to make such a hard-hitting song?

Ans: What inspires us is the present day social political scenario of the country and the issues which we have been facing from a long time , and how as a society which includes me is very hypocritical in nature, it’s this frustration of ours which gives birth to this sarcastic song of ours.

Q: Since when have you been rapping and how did the band Motorcycle Shayaries from?

Ans: “I have been rapping past 5 years till date and releasing stuffs online past 4 years. Siddhath, who produced the track has been doing his own stuff with another band for a similar period of time. We decided to do something different and hence our band “Motorcycle Shayaries” was formed. Its genre is not defined, but if we can refer to it as experimental Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock, etc. Also, this is our first song as a band.

Q: Who all have been your inspirations in your journey as an artist?

Ans: My early inspirations were Eminem and Linkin Park and then Immortal Technique , Atmosphere , Eyedea, etc. came into picture. As a band  we are also inspired by rock bands like Pearl Jam, Coldplay  and various other bands including The Beatles, so we fused the genres and I personally have been a big fan of Urdu poets like Gulzar, Javed Akhtar and Munnawar Rana; hence we bring that into play too.”

Q: Tell us more about your upcoming projects.

Ans: The message is loud and clear in the song. We will also be dropping songs which will be fun-filled on different themes. Our next track is called “Bacpan Vs Internet“, we call its genre Rap and Roll. But we promise to give you great content in whatever we release.”

Check out this power-packed, bittersweet and hard-hitting track right here:

Motorcycle Shayaries Facebook Page



When you go through the top news of the day with morning chai, you seldom come across something that you aren’t “used to” already. Rape, corruption, caste violence, pollution – what’s new? The impact of the news diminishes with the chai in your cup and soon, it is even forgotten. But unlike this routine morning activity, this video will hit you hard. Rapper Ritansh Azad speaks about a range of disturbing issues at once, exposing the shallow and hypocritical nature of Indian society.

He doesn’t point fingers, he doesn’t blame, he just lays down the issues as they are, and that’s what makes it even more difficult to digest – that all of us are to blame for often choosing to remain silent in the face of gross human rights violations. Watch this video and share – you know someone else needs this hard dose of truth as much as you do.

Lyrics –
verse 1
Agar gay ho ap to jail hai par khooniyon ko milti bail hai ye kanoon hai mere desh ka ya nainsafi ki sail hai , rooh ka nikhar hum bhool gaye buse potete apna face hai yahan rang bhed ka craze hai ye fair and lovely ka desh hai , yahan nam se bada surname hai , tujhse badi hai teri jati ye honor se killing bhi karvati jati vo hai jo nahi jati aur sex nahi humari sanskriti kahata yahan dharm ka rakhwala to amercians ne likhi thi kya bharat me aake kamasutra , kabhi ban karte sex education kabhi ban karte sex tape hain haan sex nahi humari sanskriti humari sanskriti to rape hai , vo bech de chahe desh ko par ungali uthana hai desh droh , choti chori manzoor nahi ghotale chahia desh ko ,

to khoon se bhari rangoli hai ,
par bura na mano holi hai ,
sach bolne ke lia goli hai
par bura na mano holi hai,
neta dakaiton ki toli hai
par bura na mano holi hai ,
han holi -4

verse 2
gar milna ho dhongiyon se to har ashram se miljate hain , CA ,MBA ab kaun kare sab baba banena chahate hain , vo gopiyon ko nachate hain vo raslila manate hain jo desh ko charano me karna ho to chalo dadhi badhate hain , aur chalo phirse ladgate hain hindu musalma ke nam pe hum asal me khoon ke pyaase hain shakahari hai nam ke ,jab yudh ho dharm ke nam pe tabhi to phool khilenge matdan ke dekha dango ki ahamiyat ye hain chunavon me kam ke , aur kabhi bastiyon me chalke dekhiye vahan kya kya manzar hote hain , bohoton ke washroom se batatar mazdooron ke ghar hote hain aur jo insan anaj bate hain vo khudhi bhuke sote hain par ye khabar nahi hai akhbaron me vahan celebs ke gossip hote hain
to khoon se bhari rangoli hai par bura na mano holi hai ,
sach bolne ke lia goli hai par bura na mano holi hai – 2
neta dakaiton ki toli hai par bura na mano holi hai
haan holi hai -4