Did reputed doctor diagnose or ‘rape’? Cops seek help of state medical body

Did reputed doctor diagnose or ‘rape’? Cops seek help of state medical body
The clinic was closed on Thursday
A 35-year-old techie has accused a reputed cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeon, who was once a director at a cancer speciality hospital, of sexual assault. Though a complaint has been filed and a case registered, police have decided to take action only after the Karnataka Medical Council (KMC) to whom the case has been referred, gives its opinion.

The victim, who hails from Nepal, has alleged Dr Ganesh Nayak, a well-known doctor with several years of practice, outraged her modesty when she visited his clinic for treatment of varicose veins. The 60-plus doctor runs Residency Specialists’ Clinic at Bishop Cotton‘s Complex on Residency Road. A case has been registered against him under Section 376(2)(k) (committing persistent sexual assault) at the city’s central police division on June 7.

“The doctor was immediately questioned and his statement recorded. We have forwarded the complaint and the doctor’s statement to the KMC. Further action will be taken after getting an opinion,” deputy commissioner of police (Central) Sandeep Patil said.
The complainant has said when she and her husband went to Dr Nayak’s clinic on June 6, the doctor asked them to come to his chamber. There, she explained she was suffering from varicose veins in the left leg.
The woman has claimed the doctor directed her to the examination bed which was covered by a curtain. Once she went in, the doctor allegedly asked her to remove her trousers and lie down. Though she felt awkward, she agreed, assuming it was regular procedure. After looking at her lower limbs, the doctor started examining her thighs. According to an officer, who is part of the investigations, the woman has said what happened next came as a shock as the doctor pulled down her underwear without even informing her.
“He asked her to keep coughing while he placed the stethoscope on her private parts several times. She claims he even touched her inappropriately. After checking her heart beat, the doctor asked her to get dressed,” the officer said. He said the doctor asked her to come back after 10 days. The complainant found it difficult to explain to her husband what exactly had transpired behind the curtains while he was seated a few feet away. All she managed to get across was that she had been uncomfortable during the examination.
However, the incident took a toll on her mental health and she was unable to sleep well after that. The woman decided to take the advice of a doctor friend. She claims to have called up the friend and explained what had happened. Her friend reportedly told her a female attendant should have been present during the procedure and she should have been asked to wear a gown for the examination. She was also told her ailment did not warrant examination of her private parts. “The woman explained the situation to her husband after which they came to us. We have registered a case,” the officer said.
When this correspondent visited the clinic for the doctor’s version, it was shut. The clinic’s telephone number was defunct.