You’ve probably heard of Freedom Miles, a series of interactive walks being held in various neighbourhoods of Bangalore (and elsewhere, when possible) initiated by the For Gender Justice group, a coalition of individuals, networks, organizations, institutions et al, that defend human rights.
Freedom Miles tomorrow 8th Feb 2013 as planned. will be at Basavangudi.

Assemble by 4.45 pm and start at 5 pm sharp. We should finish covering the distance (which I think is about 3 kms) in one hour’s time.

 Feb8 th, Fridays activity is primarily in support of Swar Thounaojam, a Bangalore based theatre artist who was slapped by a traffic policeman and sexually harassed by a crowd of around 40 men after she met with an accident on Dec-5 2012 near Netkalappa circle on DVG road in Basavangudi.
The Bangalore police refuses to apologize for the incident or act against the offenders although 2 FIR’s was registered. And, the errant constable filed a counter complaint falsifying the charges. Eyewitnesses to the incident whom some of us met a few weeks later, appreciated Swar’s courageous response and condemned the police (in)action. But, unsurprisingly they refuse to testify against the accused.
Please join the event and/or fwd. this message widely.