Kathalaya has been traveling the length and breadth of the country since 1998 training teachers, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and parents to “Use story telling as an educational and communicative tool to effect a change in society”.

Kathalaya works with storytelling centers around the world in both urban as well as rural scenarios. The main aim is to enrich the curriculum by introducing stories in the classroom related to the curriculum. Kathalaya”s Story Educators motivate learning in children using stories, anecdotes and experiences throughout the year in schools.

It has catered to specific segments and customized storytelling to address language development, skill building, vocabulary enhancement, awareness of the environment and to revive interest in Social sciences. Above all Kathalaya evokes innovative thinking with its Thinking, Telling and linking programs both for children and corporate.

With the growing need, Kathalaya felt it was time to set up an Academy of Storytelling. It has two centers in India, Bangalore and Chennai. Kathalaya conducts short term and long-term certificate courses in Storytelling and is affiliated to the International Institute of Storytelling, Tennessee, in U.S.A. The course includes the essentials of integrating storytelling into education, storytelling techniques, extrinsic and intrinsic qualities of a storyteller, importance of gestures and body language, use of chitrakathas, toy theatre, mask making, origami, clay modelling, and puppetry in project presentations.