barunDaya Nayak has filed a false case against Barun Kashyap Bhuyan and arrested him, The 24 year old boy was threatened by Daya Nayak to change is original statement made on 20 august 2016 by Daya Nayak and the ACP and Senior PI of Amboli police station on Friday 30 September.. He was threatened, he feared for his life and so he signed on any thing that Daya Nayak said. 

Barun Kashyap heard from the media that there was a case filed against him. He went to the police station on Saturday 1 October to ask if the media was saying was true by Daya Nayak assured him there was no case. The boy then approached me, Preeti Sharma Menon for help. Yesterday she  took him to Advocate Mihir Desai and Advocate Vijay Hiremath and they agreed to take his case. This morning he came to me again and I was getting him dropped to the lawyers in my car and with my driver Roshan Pashilkar. The police sweeped down on them in Chembur and arrested both Barun and Preeti’s driver. 

I Barun Kashyap Bhuyan have been framed by Officer Daya Nayak. He threatened me and forced me to take back my statement and write and sign a false statement that he dictated to me. I was alone at the police station and under tremendous pressure and feared for my life. So I had no choice but to write what he said and save my life. Given below is a true account of what happened to me.

The Real Incident

The real incident is exactly like I described on facebook the day it happened on 19th August and how I repeatedly described it to the police. I repeat it once more below.

On 19th of August, 2016 I left for my office. I work in a production house which does not require me to come at a specific time; I generally leave my home around 11:30 to 12:30pm. I do not remember the exact time when I left for on that day. First I had to deposit some money in SBI near Kokilaben Hospital, which requires me to go the opposite direction than my usual route to office. After I left from home, I took an auto right outside my house however after getting inside he told me he’s not going that direction, hence I got down, crossed the road and took another auto.

As I sat in the second auto, the autowala was very intrigued with my long hair and nose piercing and asked me where I am from to which I replied Assam. After few hundred meters when the auto slowed down, he looked back at my leather bag which was stinking because of rain. He touched the bag while my attention was outside the auto. He then claimed my leather bag was made of cow hide which I refuted saying it is of camel hide which I had bought from Pushkar.

The autowala did not agree and kept of sticking to his claim and started saying that because of people like me cow slaughter is encouraged. I did not pay heed to him and ignored what he was saying.

As we took the lane for the bank, I saw a long queue outside the bank and asked him to drop me off to work directly and asked him to keep on driving as that same road is a short cut to veera desai road.

Just on that way he stopped the auto and turned to speak to someone. I asked him why had he stopped there. Three men came near the auto and were speaking to him in Marathi. He pointed out at me when I realized they were speaking about me. One man leaned down to ask me to step out of the auto which I refuted. By then the other guy had come to the other side of auto where my bag was kept. He touched it and asked me my name. I replied to him and then said something in Marathi out of which I could decipher only Brahmin and left. I could not see the face of the third man. This entire thing happened less than a minute. The autowala drove ahead and I did not have the courage to get down there. I asked for his number which he proudly gave me but turned out fake later. I tried to take a note of the number mentioned inside the auto but it (a) was not in a readable state and (b) it was written in Marathi.

I got down near RTO and took another auto to my office. While getting down the first autowala told me ‘aaj toh bach gaye.’ I carry a simple no camera phone hence could not take a photograph. Plus my phone was in the bag

The second autowala was the same autowala who first refused to take me when I had met him near my place. Once I got on to the second auto, I took out my phone and switched it on and tried to save the number told by the autowala who harassed me.

When I narrated this episode to my boss, he suggested me to file a complaint in the police after work. In the evening I wrote a post on FB narrating the incident just as an update. One of my acquaintances asked me to make it public I did so.

I was skeptical that night whether to file a complaint as I did not want to get into unnecessary situations which will affect my work time as everyone advised police investigation takes a lot of time.

However, next day on 20th of August I went to DN Nagar police station to file a complaint. They were initially reluctant and asked me to call 100 next times such an incident happens. However, they did file some sort of a complaint after a while and told me that the area where the incident had happened doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction and will send the copy to Amboli police station. I have no idea what complaint was filed as they did not give me a copy.

Later that day I went to Amboli station to check if the complaint has been transferred but it had not. After I came back the news had spread in the media, perhaps that’s why they took the matter seriously next day – on 21st of August, Sunday, police visited my house and asked me to come to the station to file my statement.

In Amboli Station Senior inspector Bharat Gaekwad noted down my statement. While filing the statement he had asked me what time did I leave to which I mentioned as above that I do not remember the time. They asked me what time generally I leave so I gave them an approximate time. They continued noting my statement but in Marathi which I do not understand. When I asked them to read it out to me before signing, he left the room telling me he needed to control the media first. Later he came asked me to sign it quickly so that they can take me out of the station without me facing the media. After signing my statement when I asked for a copy, they did not provide me with one.

After that they put me in a police car and drove me near my house to check the route, and I met I met Officer Daya Nayak for the first time as he was waiting for near my house.

From the next day itself Officer Daya Nayak used to pick me from my house early in the morning saying I need to help him with the identification of different suspects and used to make me sit in his car in different locations for hours citing that we cannot go to the station because of the media. However this went on for few days in the course of which I had to miss my office and important work related meetings. When I requested him to let me go he had mentioned these are the problems of filing a case.  In these meetings he repeatedly described how he was a dreaded cop and all gangsters were afraid of him, in fact his introduction was ‘I am Ab Tak Chappan’ – quoting a popular film which was loosely made on his story. I was totally intimidated by him but I kept on cooperating with the police as much as possible in good faith.

Apart from this I was asked to visit the station occasionally for days for identification.

Once the Ganpati festival started they stopped this routine for a while.

How I was made to sign a false statement under threat by Inspector Daya Nayak

On Friday 30th of September, I had received a call from Daya Nayak and he asked me to visit the station for an identification of some suspects. I had a very heavy workload that day and an important meeting, so I requested if I could come in the evening. He said it was 5/10 minute affair and I should come immediately.  I reached there at around 3:30 – 4 pm I was made to wait for couple of hours. Then Officer Nayak came and took me to Senior Inspector’s room where the ACP and Senior Inspector were sitting. They first asked me to take them through the entire episode of 19th of August. They mentioned that it was important as they are visiting the court the next day. I narrated the whole incident again.

After that the officers showed me couple of CCTV footage of my residence and office where the time mentioned in my previous statement did not match and started accusing me of faking the incident. I replied to them saying that I had told them time and again I did not remember the time and gave a generic time frame based on my usual schedule. I told them I had no idea what was written in the statement because it was in Marathi and I was not given a copy. The ACP then started intimidating me by saying lines like: you know the credentials of Daya Nayak, he has killed more than 150 people. I was terrified when he started shouting that I was lying.

Then Daya Nayak took me aside and told me not to contradict the ACP who he called ‘bade sahab’. He added ‘unka dimaag ghoom gaya to kuch bhi kar denge’. Then he took me to his cabin and pulled out his guns and kept one on the desk and the other one in his drawer. He then started threatening me to change my version as they need to close the matter and promised me nothing will happen to me. He then scared me with spoiling my career if I do not change my version. I was literally shaken by then and decided to do so under pressure. I got really scared with my life with the way he was speaking, he would repeatedly saying ‘tum kiske saath panga le rahe ho pata hai’. At one point I even thought if I don’t do as he says I might not be alive.

They dictated me to change my version to just the autowala heckling me and that no other men joined him. He asked me to write that I had straight way taken an auto to my office. He said if did as he said he would let me go and I would never be bothered again.

He kept on scaring me with spoiling my career if I go to media or anyone and disclose the episode to them. He said if I kept quiet this matter would be buried. He also kept assuring me if I kept mum about this nothing would happen to me and ‘baaki mein sambhal loonga’.  I just wanted to get out of there, it was close to midnight and I just signed whatever he said and fled.

I am afraid for my life, hence I am sending this true statement to the Senior Police Inspector at Amboli Police station and copy to the Police Commissioner. I am disturbed that false case has been filed against me with terrible accusation like starting a riot. I am just an ordinary working class boy, and I have never in my life dreamed of doing such a thing. I only went to the police because I was scared when the auto driver said ‘aaj toh bach gaye’ as he knew my house. I never dreamed that the police would be more scary than any goonda on the road. I pray that someone should give me justice and remove the false statement that Officer Daya Nayak forced me to sign and the false complaint against me.