Sun Mar 2, 2014


Recently, I heard that you told my countrymen at one of your public meetings that I was in the Andaman Jail. I don’t know if I should be annoyed at you or be laughing at you for your poor knowledge of ‘Modi-fied’ historical facts. Let me just correct you that I was never in the Andaman Jail, I spent my final days in the Lahore jail which is in Pakistan now (Pakistan, eww. Now don’t respond hysterically in a bid for votes. Read me patiently! Calculate your votes later). It was your Maha-Veer Savarkar who was in the Andaman Cellular Jail from where he wrote an apology to the British Government.

In last few years I have been noting that you and your people have been trying to cash in on my name. Essays are being written in my name claiming that I was on your side of the ideology during my struggle against the imperialist powers. Let me just narrate some facts: When we were struggling against the colonizers in India, your ideological forefathers were busy being collaborators; when our men were being killed, your icon Veer Savarkar was pleading to be released from jail by writing apologies to the British Government. Not just him many others from your side of the ideology were doing the same. Though I am sure had you been there you would have shown courage to join the struggle against the Britishers and would have happily embraced the gallows like us or maybe I am wrong, if you had that courage you would not butcher innocents on the streets of Gujarat in 2002 or ask people to take out their revenge on innocent people. You would not propel neo liberal policies on the pretext of ‘development’ while so many poor kids in your state die of malnourishment and hunger. You must have heard this quote of my guru Karl Marx , “The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.” That’s what you have done in Gujarat.

You too would have been a typical collaborator with the imperial powers as you are today with the Neo Imperialist Lobbies from America and Europe, selling them all that belongs to the people of this mighty and vast country. In this light let me clarify that all your attempts to hijack my struggle by you and your men to en cash some votes will be ruptured as we both have always stood against each other in the history of many societies while you have always advocated subjugation of the masses and domestication of women, we have always fought for their liberation. In these dire situations it must need a fool like you to even attempt any measure to use me as a symbol for your vote bank politics, this ridicules your commitment to your own ideology. I have written a detailed essay on ‘Why I am an Atheist’ while you have been calling yourself a Hindu nationalist. I would recommend you to read that essay although I have a strong reservation on your capacity to understand what I have written. You should probably take the help of Advani Jee in understanding that but who knows if he really will be willing to help you in anything at this moment ? I suggest you get some help from the self proclaimed RSS ideologue Mohan Bhagwat but for that you might have to wear your old Khaki Kaccha (Shorts) for another day.

No matter how hard you strive to flaunt my posters and use my symbols for your political mileages, we will always stand poles apart from each other. You will be always on the right and I firmly stand on the left. Had I been alive today? In your eyes I would be a terrorist. A dreaded terrorist! That’s how you term those fighting for their democratic rights.

Before I delve into details, I guard you with a red salute!

I have carefully chosen to guard you a Red salute after much political analysis rather than to greet you in your Hindu nationalist style. For Red salute stands to fight against the tyranny of the ruling class, I am sure you are fighting against the ruling class within your own bourgeoise party dominated by the upper caste lobbies of the likes of Advani, Sushma and Arun Jaitley . I congratulate you so far being able to do that with much effectiveness. I am overwhelmed to see how you have punctured the swelling balloon of Lal Krishna Advani who is with many others responsible for shattering the dreams of the India I saw with my fellow comrades such as Ashafqullah Khan, Batukeshwar Dutt, Chandrashekhar Azad and many other. I am overwhelmed to see that the party which represented a whole set of fascists once is reduced to a blabber represented by you and your small Stuarts like Amit Shah, you punctured the theoretically equipped fascists flat while projecting yourself as one without much theoretical understanding of the fascist political ideology. I am sure you have raised the alarms for destruction of many ideological traces of fascism by your emergence being perceived as fascism. Red Salute again before I proceed further.

You might not know but your emergence will prove to be the beginning to the end of a long era of darkness enveloping us, it takes night to set in properly for a new sunny day to start. You have become the symbol of that dark night. This might bring some cyclones before you are reduced to dust. Here by your getting reduced to dust does not mean that you will personally be reduced to dust or who knows? (Turn back to look at Hitler and Mussolini) but rather your ideas will have to meet death. Don’t target me for making such a statement in your next public meeting where you pretend to roar, I am only contextualizing what Karl Marx had analyzed( I hope you have at least heard about him),” Before socialism reaches its final stage it passes through cycles of feudalism and capitalism.”You are just making things simpler for the Indian revolutionaries.

You must be wondering that if I am writing to you from heaven or hell? As you perceive it to be but let me clarify it to you once again that I still exist very much within every particle of my motherland and my own people, as some would sing, “O! Bhagat singh tum zinda ho kheto mein khaliyon mein inqualab ke naro mein”. (O! Bhagat singh, you are alive in the fields of farmers and in the war cry of revolutions).

I rest assured that the people of this great country who have idealized me for over sixty years will never let a person like you kill the idea of the nation of what me my comrades had dreamt of while you keep on destroying the many fascists in your own party.

Lal Salam !….

Comrade Bhagat singh

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