By Shikhar Jiwrajka @shikharjiwrajka | December 13, 2014 3:00 AM | comment Tags: Bhopal riots, Communal Riots, news, riots, Sahranpur Riots

Bhopal witnessed an episode of communal riots on December 10, when two groups of a community clashed over a matter of piece of religious land that left a number of people injured. The situation in violence-hit Aman Nagar in Karond near Bhopal was reported to be tense but now has been under control on Friday.

The area witnessed violent clashes on Wednesday and late Thursday night leaving over 20 people injured. The two groups belonging to the same community clashed over a piece of land for religious purpose. Bhopal collector Nishant Warwande told, “22 persons suffered injuries in the clash in Karond area.”

In spite of the local police trying to suppress the violence on Wednesday night, the situation went haywire the next day as mobs burned down houses, shops, and numerous auto-mobiles. The mob surrounded as many as four houses and pelted stones before setting them ablaze. Many four-wheelers and over a dozen two-wheelers were also destroyed during the mini-riots.

According to the reports by Dainik Bhaskar, children and ladies were also among the victims in the reported violence. People from the two groups showed no mercy as they dragged women and children out of their houses before physically lashing out. The violent clash happened when members of both communities gave a stare-down to each other. A verbal altercation soon ensued and in no time the mob resorted to take sticks and pick stones in their hands. In the heat of the moment, the clashes were so dastardly that they burnt houses and shops, and also motor-vehicles wherever they could come across one.

The fire brigades which came to their rescue weren’t spared as people pelted stones on them. The police tried to bring the situation under control by firing bullets in the air.

Superintendent of Police (SP) North Arvind Saxena said, “The police lobbed several rounds of teargas shells and cane-charged those people who were indulging in violence to control the situation.”

The Bhopal Collector has maintained that the situation is under control now. He said, “The police have rounded up number of people, but their exact numbers would be known later. The police force has also been deployed in strength to control the situation.”

It’s a known fact that it is not easy to live in a locality where the riots have just taken place. And with the intensity of the Bhopal communal riots, it is for sure that the violent clashes may spark off again. However, the police have maintained that the situation is in control, the truth remains mysterious.

Earlier this year, a similar riot took place in Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh), when a Muslim group went berserk and burnt down houses and shops of the people belonging to the Sikh community; again asserting their claim over a land of Gurudwara. The riot history of India over religious issues is not something new to hear. But the recent violent clashes in Bhopal between two groups of same minority community is indeed bewildering. (Also read: All you want to know about the Saharanpur riots in Uttar Pradesh)

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