Bihar Floods 2017: give basic supplies:food, medicines, tarpaulins to flood affected families of Araria, Katihar

 (This campaign does not receive foreign money, and all donations in dollars will be refunded to donors)

Victims need your help in getting basic supplies (food, medicines, clothing)

This is an urgent appeal to help the victims of sudden floods in North Bihar. In the floods over the last two weeks, Araria, Kishanganj and Purnia have been worst affected by floods. Twenty people have died in Araria alone. About 65 lakhs people in Bihar have been affected as per the government reports across twelve districts. Three towns of Araria district namely, Forbesganj, Jogbani and Araria are witnessing unprecedented levels of water. Our own home was inundated and we can say that what we are going through is much less than what people residing in villages are facing. Flood is a regular feature of North Bihar but this year seems exceptional in its intensity. This reminds one of the catastrophe of 2008 floods.

Rail connection has been disrupted. Jogbani station is flooded. Many villages have lost road connections. Army and IAF teams have joined the NDRF team to rescue people and help with the crisis. Lakhs of people are stranded and have taken shelter on canals, school buildings and places of higher altitude. People were not forewarned and that has made the situation worse. The cause of the floods is heavy rains in the catchment area of several rivers that flow in this region (catchment area is in Nepal) and that causing breach in embankments of rivers and canals.

Relief will have to be a phased effort. Immediate Relief Items that people have asked for:

Round 1. Torch , Candles, Match Boxes, Dry Ration (Sattu, Chuda, Gud) and Basic Medicines

Round 2. (after water recedes a little): Plastic sheets, clothing ( sari, lungi, vest, sanitary napkins and such items), Basic Medicines

Relief also to include health camps, warm blankets for winter as people have lost most of their belongings.

We are planning to do relief operations. We plan to reach at least 10 thousand people through your support.

JJSS is actively in the flood affected districts, trying to provide dry ration packets. (photo above)

Safai karmi families have lost their dwellings to the floods. They were living near the canal which broke and waters flooded Araria. So far, we have been able to reach out to them with as ack of clothes and footwear from Goonj. JJSS has been distributing dry rations in villagers were road connectivity is broken, like Hans Ganj, Dand Khora blocks of Katihar, Raniganj, Sikti, Palasi, Kursakata, Araria blocks of Araria.
We have received support from many quarters. Your contributions at this hour are invaluable

Bihar Flood Relief update – Want to donate in kind?

Many friends are offering ways to collect and distribute essentials One can drop essentials here.:Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA) Address: Ashiana Chamber, 7th Floor , Exhibition Road, Patna (Bihar), (Time: 3 PM to 7 PM)

Contact persons of those organizing such collections in Patna:

Nivedita- 9835029152

Mona- 9835486721

Tanwir Akhtar – 9308745797

Nasiruddin- 9450931764

About us:

We are a collective of poor labourers and peasants in rural Bihar. Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan (JJSS) is a registered trade union of unorganised sector workers, and works on the philosophy of sangharsh (Struggle) and Nirmaan (Creation).

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