Facebook post, by Samvartha Sahil


On the 16th morning the only relieving thing, for me, was the news [Udayavani pg. 14] saying victory rally/ procession was not allowed in Udupi-Mangalore. The news report also read that 144 section had been implemented in South Kanara district.

But at around 11:00 am while I was watching the television I heard crackers burst in our lane. When I went out I saw a few bikes, with BJP flags, standingin front of the empty plot in our lane and a few people standing and seeing the crackers burst. In the evening when I went out to meet my friends we saw massive rally being taken out by BJP and NaMo brigade. As we were wondering how come no action was being taken against them for having not respected the ban ordered by the District Administration we saw a police jeep following the rally.

One of my friend said that some friction occurred between two communities in Mangalore. He did not have the details but had got the news. The matter came to light when a news website reported it. The report was from Kambalabettu [Bantwal taluk] and Suralpady [near Kaikamba]. These two separate incidents had victory rallies attacking Mosques. In Kambalabettu the attackers entered the mosque premises burst crackers, broke the window panes also tried to harm the Khateeb [Preacher] In Suralpady the attackers pelted stones at the mosque. Later we learnt that the victory rally in Malpe had created problems for one of our Dalit activist – Jayan Malpe – by shouting slogans against him right in front of his gate while bursting crackers. His relatives who live in his neighborhood were forced to move back to their homes by the angry looks of those in a celebratory mood. Jayan Malpe had to seek police protection for that night. As all of this was happening

Mr. Vishwesha [Pejawar mutt seer] spoke to the press and urged for the anti-cow slaughter bill to be cleared and also hinted that the new PM might take part in the 2015 Paryaaya [a ritual that takes place every alternate year] He also called for the construction of the Ram mandir in Ayodhya. On the following day [17th May] the newspaper reported that the NaMo brigade of Mangalore had booked tickets for U.R. Ananthamurthy to Karachi. His statement, “I will not be able to/ cannot live in a country that will have Modi as the PM,” was few months ago reported as, “I do not wish to live in the country if Modi becomes the PM.” A hate campaign had followed the misreporting. So when the results were announced NaMo brigade of Mangalore booked tickets for URA who also started receiving life threat calls. Today on the 18th the newspaper reports the attack of Mohammed Ais by a group which as narrated by Mr. Ais barged into his home and asked him if he was a present during the victory procession of BJP and when he replied in negative the group beat him up. Mr. Ais had to be admitted in the district hospital. These are the incidents that have come to light and all these have taken place in a matter of just two days.

The sun is setting in coastal Karnataka. The setting sun has painted the sky and the sea saffron. In fact the sun has been setting from a long time and the sky and the sea have been saffron from a long time. Now it appears like the last stage of sun set and slowly it is getting dark. Coastal Karnataka in over last two decades has been extremely sensitive communally and has been a major Hindutva experiment lab. Now it looks like gears are being shifted.

The last lap of the fascist run seems to have begun.

Haq baat pe koday aur zindaan,
Batil ke shikanje me hai ye jaan
Insaan hai ke sehme baithe hai,
Khoon-khwar darinde hai raksaan
Iss zulm-o-sitam ko lutf-o-karam
Iss dukh ko dawa kya likhna
Zulmat ko zia, sar sar ko saba,
Banday ko khuda kya likhna

– Habib Jalib

For the truth you are flogged and imprisoned,
Our lives are trapped in the grip of lies,
As citizens crouch down in terror,
The blood thirsty monsters roam about.
This cruelty as kindness,
This disease as a cure I cannot write
This dark night as dawn , these toxic fumes as a breeze
And a human as god I cannot write.

– Habib Jalib