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BJP councillor locks out Muslim family in Moradabad #WTFnews

Moradabad:  The dark and bitter reality of discriminating people in India on the basis of caste and religion refuses to die down. After two youths in metropolis Mumbai were refused a job and a house respectively recently for holding faiths in Islam, a similar case has come forward from Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad.


BJP councillor Vidyasharan Sharma (Bittu), a Hindu hardliner, has used all his force to ensure a Muslim family doesn’t reside in a Hindu dominated locality near Katghar.


BJP Councillor Vidyasharan Sharma arguing with Inspector Anil Kumar Raghav


The councillor who has challenged the police and is firm on the family’s eviction has stated: “Brahmin families live in the locality and under no circumstances we will allow a Muslim family to live in between them.”


The previous house owner found it difficult to sell her house for the past two years. After the financial transaction and paper work took place with the new family, the BJP councillor started to pose as an impediment to the current house owner.


“After two years we were able to sell the house to someone. He warned us earlier to not sell the house to a non-Hindu family. Bittu now threatens to distribute pistols and open fire on the new owner,” Shashi Sharma told ABP News.


Shahana, the current owner of the house, is distressed with the whole row and wants to sell off the property and vacate immediately. However, she hasn’t been able to attract a prospective buyer.


Police also locking the house from outside.


“We bought the house 6 months back. When we came to reside here, the councillor locked the house outside and has been creating problems since then. If he doesn’t want us to stay then he better buy the house and give us our money back. We don’t want any more controversy so we have decided to leave once it’s sold,” she tells ABP News.


The hapless police has admitted that the councillor’s act is unlawful but is unable to find a solution to it and hasn’t taken an action against him yet. All the police could finally do is add another lock to the house.



A Muslim family that had recently bought a house in a Hindu neighbourhood in the Katghar area of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, has decided to sell the property after the local BJP councillor locked them out of their own premises on Wednesday night. The councillor also tried to incite a mob against the family.

The incident comes just weeks after two youths in Mumbai were refused a job and a house respectively for being Muslim.

BJP councillor Vidyasharan Sharma, a Hindu hardliner, locked the house of Shahana Parveen with locks of his own and announced that he would not allow any Muslim family to stay in a Brahman neighbourhood of the city.

When Ms. Parveen and her family reached their house on Wednesday night, they saw an extra lock on the door. When she sought to ask her new neighbours, she saw the mob being egged on by the BJP leaders.

“When we tried asking from the neighbours what was going on, we saw Sharma with a mob. He told us that we being Muslims could not stay in a Hindu area. Now we have decided to sell the house and vacate it as soon as possible,” Ms Parveen told The Hindu on phone.

“We will soon shift to the nearby Muslim locality of Maqbara. We do not want to stay against people’s wishes in their area,” said the distressed owner.

When the police reached the spot, Mr Sharma categorically told the policemen that “whatever be the case, Muslims can’t stay here. Brahmin families live in the locality and under no circumstances we will allow a Muslim family to live in between them.”

When The Hindu contacted Mr Sharma for his reaction, he denied however doing anything illegal.

In a video of the entire episode, widely circulated on Whatsapp, other social media platforms and also broadcast on local news channels, Mr Sharma is heard speaking about Muslims in a manner which is unlawful.

Ms Parveen bought the house from Shashi Prabha on June 11. Ms. Prabha, the previous owner told The Hindu that she had found it difficult to sell the house for last two years as the BJP councillor had warned her against selling the house to non-Hindus.

“We have been trying to sell the house but we were not getting any buyers. Sharma had warned us not to sell the house to any non-Hindus,” she said.

Though Ms Parveen has complained to the police against Mr Sharma, she has decided to sell and move as she does not want to live “with the threats”.


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