BJP leader booked for evicting a Muslim family out of a Hindu-dominated area

Posted on:  Jun 19, 2015
Moradabad: Allegations have been levelled against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Councillor Vidhya Saran Sharma in Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh for having tried to evict a Muslim family from Hindu-dominated neighbourhood.

Police have filed an FIR against the BJP Councillor. Sharma locked the Muslim family out of their own house and continues to be defiant about not letting them stay in the Brahmin-dominated locality.

Frustrated with the harassment, the owners of the house have stated that they want to leave the area once they find a buyer for their house.

A case has been registered against the Corporator of Ward 36 under Section 153A of IPC at Khatghar Police station after the incident.

According to reports, Sharma told the police officers that whatever be the case, Muslims can’t stay in the area. He reportedly said that Brahmin families live in the locality and under no circumstances will they allow a Muslim family to live with between them.

According to police sources, a local resident Shashi Prabha had sold a house to Rehana Bi in Mohalla Gadikhanna. “When Rehana came to occupy the house after the registry of the property, local residents stopped her from entering the house,” said Anil Kumar Raghav, Inspector, Kathghar Police station.

It is alleged Saran too reached the area and stopped Rehana from taking possession of the house. “He told Rehana why she wanted to stay here when it is a Hindu populated area. He said the neighbours will object to her foods habits and other religious activities,” sources alleged.

The BJP Corporator, however, claimed that he had only tried to mediate in a dispute over property as the house owner had also sold the property to Ankit Sharma.

“When Rehana entered the house, she was stopped by Ankit Sharma, who had paid Rs 3 lakhs in advance to Prabha, from entering the house. He asked Prabha to return the advance,” Saran said.

The Corporator claimed that he was called by local residents to resolve the issue.

“I tried to resolve the issue. But it was chaos all around. Nobody was ready to listen to me. I tried to tell Rehana that her culture is different, why is she so interested in residing here. But she didn’t pay any heed to me,” said the Corporator.

The incident lead to tension in the area as members of both the communities gathered.