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BJP leader threatens to behead Karnataka CM over beef row #WTFnews




Stoking a controversy, a local BJP leader has threatened to behead Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in public if he consumed cow meat here.

The remarks were made by S.N. Channabasappa, a former president of the erstwhile Shivamogga City Municipal Council, during a protest organised by the local party unit against Siddaramaiah’s reported comment on beef eating last week.

“How dare you lay your hands on the neck of Gomata? You are openly saying with a dictatorial attitude that you will eat cow meat… If you have the guts, you come here and eat at Gopi Circle (in Shivamogga), then, let there be no doubt that on that day, you will be beheaded,” Mr. Channabasappa said.

”… Are you playing with the emotions of Hindus? Don’t do it…,” Mr. Channabasappa had warned at the meeting held on Monday.

The remarks were described as “a provocative statement” by Mr. Siddaramaiah in Bengaluru.

“It is a provocative statement. I will ask the police to inquire into it. If it is true, they will definitely take action,” Mr. Siddarmaiah said.

Asked about state BJP leaders not reacting to such statements saying they were being made by “fringe elements”, Mr. Siddaramaiah said, “BJP people are known for it. That is why we are opposing them.”

“If I say I will eat, how will it harm majority community? Don’t we eat other kinds of meat?” he told reporters.

”…food habit is an individual’s choice and should be left to them; no one should interfere with it. By interfering and attacking one’s rights is not correct. It is against the Constitution. It is against individual liberty, it should not be done…

“Let us inquire if he (Channabasappa) has made such statement. If he had made such statement, we may have to take action in accordance with law,” Mr. Siddaramaiah said.

Shivamogga SP Ravi Channannavar said a FIR has been registered against Channabasappa for threat to the personal life of the Chief Minister.

At a meeting of the Karnataka Youth Congress General Body last week, Mr. Siddaramaiah had reportedly said, “Till date I have never eaten cow meat. But if it suits my palette and if I want to eat beef, I will eat it. Nobody can stop me.”

Slamming the controversy over beef eating, he had raked up the Dadri lynching incident, and spoken about “growing intolerance” in the nation blaming right wing outfits for it.

Mr. Siddaramaiah’s remarks had come under attack from BJP with state unit president Prahlad Joshi saying that cow is revered and worshipped by majority of the people of the state and the Chief Minister had made the comments just to gain votes from a particular community.

“It has hurt the belief and sentiments of the people,” Mr. Joshi had said.


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