Rakesh, a BJP youth wing worker, was arrested in connection with fake currency printing  last week . Fake currency worth ₹1.37 lakh and printing machines were seized from his house at Anchamparuthy, near Mathilakam, in Kerala. A case was also registered against his brother Rajeev, a Dalit Morcha leader, who is absconding.

Rakesh (31) was produced at the Kodungallur Magistrate Court on Friday.

Suspecting that both were lending money at exorbitant interest rate, the police raided their house as a part of anti-loan shark exercise ‘Operation Kubera’ and seized a multi-colour printer, a scanner, a currency cutter, ink, printing paper and a laptop. They also found stamp papers, promissory notes and copies of title deeds.

The counterfeit currency was printed in a room on the top floor of Rakesh’s house. Fake currency of denominations ₹2000, ₹500, ₹50 and ₹20 were found. A4 sheets used for printing fake currency were also seized.

The police are investigating about the financial dealings of Rakesh, who is an active member of the Yuva Morcha and BJP booth president of Anchamparuthy.

According to the police, Rakesh bought the colour printer two weeks back and he used the counterfeit currency to buy lottery, provisions and fill petrol. The illiterate fish workers of the coastal belt and lottery vendors were most of their victims.

Rakesh, who had completed computer education, had worked in the Gulf for some time. Though he does not have any job, he used to lead a luxurious life, according to some local people.

The police suspect that Rajeev too has involvement in the case. It is alleged that he tried to pay using fake currency at a local petrol pump. The police are investigating whether more people are involved in the racket. The brothers were also involved in some criminal cases too.

Meanwhile, CPI(M) District Secretary K. Radhakrishnan has demanded high-level investigation into the case. “Investigation should not be restricted into this case alone. It should be checked whether more BJP leaders are involved in fake currency production. Lots of money has been flowing into the campaigns of BJP, RSS and Yuva Morcha. The police should investigate the sources of this funding,” he asked.