BHOPAL: After widespread violence during panchayat polls and its run-up in Bhind, now janpad members- who are supposed to elect janpad president are receiving abduction threats. A dalit janpad member has lodged a complaint against a BJP MLA for threatening to abduct her.

Gajraj Singh Jatav, husband of Sanju Jatav, newly-elected janpad panchayat member from ward number 1 of Bikhanpur, has alleged that BJP MLA Narendra Singh Kushwah threatened to abduct his wife in full public view on February 27, the day she went to receive her certificate of winning election.

“She was offered Rs 10 lakh to support BJP-backed janpad president inside the room of joint collector of Bhind”, Gajraj said in a written complaint to Jamna Thana in Bhind. He also sent copies of the complaint to home minister, DGP, inspector general of police Chambal and chairman of national commission for scheduled caste and scheduled tribe.

When she refused, Gajraj alleged, he threatened her to kidnap her.

Tension prevailed at the office of joint collector Bhind on February 27, said Ramlakhan Singh, four-time BJP MP and now a BSP leader. Soon candidates reached with their armed supporters apprehending abduction.

In Bhind, 125 janpad members would elect 6 janpad presidents and vice-presidents while 21 district panchayat members who have been elected would elect one district panchayat president and vice-president.

In charge of Jamna thana said complaint lodged by Gajraj is being investigated.

As many as 2 persons died in Bhind panchayat polls and about 100 were injured as gun shots were fired and sharp-edged weapons were used to capture booths and stop people from proceeding to polling stations.