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New DelhiSinger Sukhwinder Singh, who has sung ‘Main Desh Nahi Jukhne Doonga’, which was recently launched as BJP‘s party anthem, says he accepted the offer as he was told it was a patriotic song meant to be used in a film. “A song came my way which was positive, it had lyrics by Prasoon Joshi and it dosen’t criticize or pull down anybody. Prasoon had told Adesh Shrivastav that this will be sung by Sukhwinder and when Adesh sent me the song I liked it. When I sung it, I was told that this is a patriotic song for a film. Now I saw it as an anthem for a party. But they have used it very nicely without getting critical or negative about others,” he says.

So it is clear that the news left him shocked? “I am surprised. Shocked will be a very strong expression. But yes, I am definitely very surprised. It has come to me as news. But I am happy that they have not played with the words and kept mine as I had sung it,” he adds.

The song has been making headlines as it also features BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. No, Modi hasn’t sung ‘Main Desh Nahi Jukhne Doonga’, but lent his voice to speak out a few lines in the song. Will this association with Modi help Sukhwinder join the bandwagon of celebrities who have entered politics? “No, I am a creative person. Where is the space for people like me in politics? I had earlier sung a song for Congress also. It is our profession to sing. It has nothing to do with politics,” he replies.

Having sung ‘Jai Ho‘ for Congress in the past and ‘Main Desh Nahi Jukhne Doonga’ for BJP now, he is clearly an undisputed choice for songs meant for political parties. Do we see him building the same association with AAP too? “I have no association with any party. I am just a devoted citizen of my country India. As I have said this is all about being a singer, an artiste and nothing more. I am all for good governance and patriotism,” he laughs.

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