VIBGYOR Activists and Friends Protest Against the Attempt of Hindutva Forces

to Block Freedom of Expression.

On February 14, BJP/RSS/VHP hooligans crashed into the campus of VIBGYOR International Film Festival in Thrissur, Kerala and tried to stop the screening of the film `Ocean of Tears’ directed by Bilal Jan, on the human rights violations of Kashmiri women by the Indian army and the militants. Activists of VIBGYOR and the supporters courageously stopped the communal fascists and the film was screened with all support from the audience. However, the festival office was destroyed by the communal forces, attacked the screening equipments and some activists of VIBGYOR were attacked in the presence of police. While the police removed the communal goondas, no action was taken against the hooligans. We, the activists and friends of VIBGYOR strongly condemn the hooliganism of the Hindutva forces and we appeal to all secular and democractic forces in this country to protest against the cultural fascism of the Sangh Parivar.



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