Kindly note that according to a October 2013 report of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance submitted to both the Houses of Parliament, the total budgetary allocations made for UIDAI since its inception up to 31 March 2014 is Rs 5, 440.30 crore, as per details given below:


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S.NoFinancial YearAmount (Rs. crore)


*Actual Expenditure, ^ Budget Estimates
The budget of this project comes under the ministry of planning. The budgetary support to Aadhaar was increased by 47% to Rs1,758 crore in 2012-13 from Rs 1,200 crore in 2011-12 for UIDAI to enroll Indian residents for their unique IDs/Aadhaar to 60 crore from 20 crore. A provision of Rs 2, 620 crore has been allocated in Budget Estimate (2013-14) for UIDAI and a major part of the budget provision for Rs 1,040 crore is earmarked for ‘Enrolment Authentication and Updation’, out of which Rs 1,000 crore has been earmarked under the head ‘other charges’. What is this “other charges”?




Besides this allocations must have been made in Chidambram’s last Interim Budget for expenses beyond March 31, 2014.





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