Both the families have since attacked each other.
TNM Staff| Friday, February 5, 2016 – 09:19
Image: Dalitnation

A father-son duo belonging to an upper caste attacked a 16-year-old Dalit boy in Madurai following an argument at the boys’ school, when the father took offence to the Dalit boy sitting crossed-legged in front of him. Later, the Dalit boy’s father also attacked the caste-Hindu father and his son.

According to TNIE, the first incident took place at a government high school in Vadipatti in Madurai. The parent, Murugesan, had come to attend a parent-teacher meeting. When he saw the Dalit boy sitting cross-legged, he asked his son to summon him and then shouted at him for daring to do so. The Dalit boy did not apologize, following which the father-son duo reportedly attacked him.

Following this, the Dalit boy and his father attacked the caste-Hindu duo the next day with a wooden log. Police have filed cases against both the fathers, and there was high tension in those areas, reports TNIE. Both boys are students of grade eleven.

The police are trying to pacify both sides by holding peace meetings.

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