Published: 15th March 2015 06:02 AM

CHENNAI:Activists of the May 17 Movement (Eelam Tamil society’s struggle for a separate Eelam Nation), including its leader Thirumurugan Gandhi, were arrested on Saturday for trying to besiege the US embassy while accusing the US of suppressing the international enquiry into the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils in 2009.

Hundreds of activists gathered to march towards the embassy after burning the US flag, alleging that the US was meddling in the affairs of Sri Lankan Tamils in order to gain strategic control of the Indian ocean.

The activists also raised slogans calling for the boycott of products made in the United States and broke Pepsi and Coca-Cola bottles.

Thirumurugan alleged that the United States played a key role in the breakdown of talks between the LTTE and the Lankan government, and later it was involved in the genocide of Tamils.

The United States was behind the United Nations Human Rights Council’s decision not to table the UN committee report on the genocide of Tamils, he said.

The categorisation of Lankan Tamils as ‘religious minorities’ by the US denied their nationality and would undermine their chances of having the massacre declared as genocide.

The Tamils were being attacked as their mother tongue was Tamil, he asserted.