On the 5th day, while more villages are joining in the protest, the administration continues to turn a blind eye.

Jindal had started mining in this area during 1990s and this continued until in 2014, the coal blocks were deallocated and even permissions for these blocks were cancelled.

In Feb 2015, the company again won  the Gare Palma-IV/2&3 blocks, at Rs 108 a tonne. But the Centre cancelled the allocation as it was the lowest bid for any block so far; immediately, the company had filed a litigation.

SECL has been mining these mines, as an interim custodian, and all coal continues to be supplied to Jindal at the low rates.

In this background, there is no one taking responsibility over the people’s demands.

People’s demands are –

1) Land Related  – Land was taken by manipulation and force. Proper compensation amounts have never been given.

The company had not followed the procedure of leasing out land from the farmers, but had bought over the land from the adivasis of the village in the name of adivasis employed under the company. All such registries should be cancelled, and land returned to the farmers. Section 170 (B) can be applied in this.

2) Employment related – As per the Resettlement and Rehabilitation policy of Coal India Limited (also applicable to subsidiary company, SECL), employment is to be provided to oustees against every two acre of land. Other land losers are entitled to receive monetary compensation in lieu of employment at the rate of Rs. 5 lakh for each acre of land.

These provisions should be fulfilled.

3) Protecting the environment and control of pollution – A hill has been created out of the dumped soil, and coal dumps, rendering wastelands out of agricultural land. Green belt plantations have not been done either by Jindal or SECL. Mining work should have started only after this was carried out.

4) Access Roads – between villages of Dongamahua and Kosampalli, and Kodekal and Kosampalli have been finished. This has become very inconvenient for villagers, and should be revived.

5) Facilities in the affected villages and  – The company needs to ensure adequate facilities in the villages using the CSR head.

6) Continuous damage to houses has been taking place because of blasting in the mines. Compensation should be paid for that.

7) Withdrawal of false cases filed against local people.