Since 12th April, a minor girl has been in illegal police custody because she was molested and the local people protested against this. 

The child was forced to give a false testimony exonerating her molesters, the testimony was circulated over YouTube, revealing her identity to the entire world. 

Her mother was not allowed to speak to the Press about the issue. She continues to be in illegal detention, without any support to rights groups or child support organisation. 

Since 12 April, the 16 year old Handwara girl has been effectively in continuous illegal police custody.Her access to her family and legal team has not only been prevented but also controlled by the state authorities. 

The continued detention of the minor girl and her family members violates their civil liberty and basic rights too. The continued police detention also means a threat to her physical and psychological well being.

At present the minor girl and her family members are in police detention at an undisclosed location.


Since last 3 days, JKCCS has been approaching the Inspector General (IG) of JK Police, Javed Geelani for a meeting in connection with the illegal detention of the minor girl and her family. Yesterday evening the Handwara minor girl spoke to JKCCS team on phone. She and her family informed that against their will the police has shifted them to a stranger’s house 15 kms from Handwara town. After detailed discussion JKCCS proposed her to call the IGP Kashmir and Chairperson of the State Commission for Women, Nayeema Mehjoor directly to inform them about her ordeal in the illegal police detention, her demand for free movement and an immediate access to her lawyers.
The minor girl called the IG several times but only once he picked up the phone. After she identified herself, the IG cancelled the call. JKCCS team called DIG Ghulam Hassan Bhat and requested him to inform the IG that the minor girl wants to talk to him urgently. We were assured that the IG will speak to the girl.
Immediately after that the police personnel went inside the house where the girl is detained and threatened her to not call the IG Kashmir, Javed Geelani.
The minor girl was able to speak to Nayeema Mehjoor and gave her detailed statement and requested her to facilitate her conversation with IGP Javed Geelani. Ms. Mehjoor promised to help.
The minor girl and her family wanted to communicate to the highest police officials that the police should stop her illegal detention and allow her to meet her lawyers so that she can herself alongwith her family proactively contribute in the legal struggle.

We the undersigned demand the immediate release of the 16 year old Handwara Girl and her family members from illegal police custody  and their unhindered access to legal help  and due process of justice .