Chitralekhas mother who was denied the elderly pension and agricultural workers pension as a reaction against Chitralekha’s struggle. even she is participating in the agitation. today is the fifth day of it.
picture and video: Aby Lizy Abraham Hashir K Muhamed

Read more:The Dalit woman says that she and her family are being subjected to continuous attacks by the CITU local leadership in Edat near Payyanur where she lives.

The latest attack took place on January 31. DYFI activists threw stones at her house, partially damaging the house and two autorickshaws parked on the premises.

They also threatened the family members. She alleges that the Payyanur police charged false cases against her and her husband Shreeskanth, who had to spend 32 days in jail.

The series of attacks began in 2005 when she started working as an autorickshaw driver in Eramangalam in Edat near Payyanur.

According to Chitralekha, the male auto drivers belonging to the CITU did not like her presence in the male bastion and began attacking her.

Her autorickshaw was burnt down in December 2005. Intermittent attacks continued and there was no action against the perpetrators.



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