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I once admired Russell Brand. But his grim trajectory shows us where politics is heading

George Monbiot In an age of distortion, public figures have powerful tools and a responsibility. This is an object lesson in how that can go wrongFri 10 Mar 2023 07.00 GMT In 2014, the Guardian asked me to nominate my… Continue Reading →

K.P. Sasi: A Tribute

Ram Puniyani Today (25 December 2022) came to know about the sad demise of my dearand close friend K.P.Sasi. I came across this creative brilliant personwhen I was working for my book, ‘Communalism: Illustrated Primer’. I hadlong chats with him… Continue Reading →

Monica Lewinsky’s Verdict on the Johnny Depp- Amber Heard Trial – We all are Guilty

Courtroom porn and social media have turned innocent bystanders into a mass of mudslingers. By Monica LewinskyMay 31, 2022 Photos from Getty Images.  Unless you’re a troglodyte, you’ve been exposed to something about the Depp v. Heard trial in the… Continue Reading →

Santoor Maestro Shivkumar Sharma Dies. “End Of An Era,” Says Amjad Ali Khan #RIP

Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma Dies: A Padma Vibhushan recipient, Shivkumar Sharma was born in Jammu in 1938 and is believed to be the first musician to have played Indian classical music on the santoor, a folk instrument from Jammu and… Continue Reading →

Oscars omit Lata Mangeshkar, Dilip Kumar from ‘In Memoriam’ section, fans shocked

The absence of two of Indian cinema’s giants from the 2022 Oscars ceremony was a glaring one, especially after the BAFTA honoured Mangeshkar and Kumar earlier this month.pti news Oscars 2022 Monday, March 28, 2022 – 15:30 Melody queen Lata… Continue Reading →

India’s ‘Writing with Fire’ misses Oscar, ‘Summer of Soul’ Best Documentary Feature

POSTED ON MARCH 28, 2022 Oscars 2022: ‘Writing With Fire’ follows this ambitious group of Dalit wonder women led by their chief reporter, Meera as the team switches from print to digital in order to stay relevant. Writing with Fire,… Continue Reading →

Gender, Caste And Class Were Irrelevant For Makers Of ‘Writing With Fire’

POSTED ON FEBRUARY 23, 2022 Writing With Fire is about ordinary women journalists with extraordinary spirit. Often, these women journalists are seen reporting from the field amid a crowd of men. It shows the operation of the journalistic landscape in… Continue Reading →

लता मंगेशकर के लिए आनंद बख्शी ने 1973 में लिखी थी ये कविता

लता मंगेशकर स्वर कोकिला के नाम से मशहूर लता मंगेशकर की ज़िंदगी से जुड़े कई किस्से हैं जिनके बारे में आपने पढ़ा होगा, सुना होगा लेकिन यहां हम आपके लिए एक कविता लेकर आए हैं। लता मंगेशकर ने अपनी ज़िंदगी… Continue Reading →

Lata Mangeshkar’s over 70-year journey from travelling in BEST bus for singing break in the industry to melody queen of India

Feb 6, 2022, Though anticipated, when it became official that the Melody Queen of India, Lata Mangeshkar, is no longer among us, it hit the collective consciousness of the nation like a sledgehammer. The only consolation was that she may… Continue Reading →

‘Pakadwa Vivah’- ( Groom Kidnapping ) in Bollywood and Why is it Problematic #SundayReading

by- Europa Doley * The movie “Atrangi Re” directed by Anand L. Rai was one of the most anticipated movies of 2021, mainly because audiences were excited to watch Dhanush in his next big shot Bollywood movie starring opposite Sara… Continue Reading →

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