Mr GL Singhal, Mr NK Amin and Mr Tarun Barot have the reputation of being sharp shooters in the Gujarat Police Cadre. Not sure how much sharp shooting is required when you trap people inside a car and riddle their bodies with bullets at a point blank range.

But wait, wasn’t it supposed to be an encounter with the police taking cover behind their vehicles and bushes to escape from the onslaught of bullets from the ‘terrorists’ – filmi style?

In the Javed-Ishrat encounter case, here’s an extract from the FIR (bearing no. DCB PS I CR No. 8 of 2004) filed by the SIT team that was constituted by the High Court of Gujarat.

According to the Police FIR version undersigned by Mr Singhal himself, Shri Singhal’s team and Shri Amin’s team were at 66 feet and 33 feet respectively from the Indica car. Shri Singhal’s team (66 feet away) was positioned in depressed land and Shri Amin’s team (33 feet away) had taken lying position behind the Maruti Gypsy. If at all, the bulk of police firing was from these positions, the firing trajectories from such positions on the Indica car would have an upward angle. However there is only one entry hole in the Indica car with an upward trajectory and that bullet could not have hit any of the occupants.

Further more:

All other bullet entry holes on the Indica car show downwardly inclined trajectories at 5 to 10 degrees downward angle, which are possible only from a position much near the Indica car

Please observe in the attached image that there are hardly any entry bullets marks on the left side door of the car, but the right side door is riddled with exit bullet marks going downwards. That clearly shows that the angle of the bullets had a downward angle and were fired through the car windows. In other words, the so called sharp shooters of Gujarat Police mercilessly shot down the occupants of the car from a point blank range. In all, more than 70 rounds of ammunition from various firearms were pumped into the car.


The entire operation was organized by Mr. DG Vanzara. There are no second guesses as to which certain minister Mr. DG Vanzara was close to. No wonder he was known as the ‘supercop’ of Gujarat.

This unfortunately is the grim reality. If not for officers like Mr Rajnish Rai the perpetrators of these dastardly crimes would not have been behind the bars today. It is only because of his work in the most adverse conditions that today we haven’t had a SINGLE ‘encounter’ in Gujarat since the time Mr DG Vanzara was arrested by Mr Rajnish Rai on April 24, 2007. 13 people encountered in 2002-2007, ZERO encounters in 2007-2013. All of us are forever indebted to officers like Rajnish Rai.

With the ‘supercop’ gone, Gujarat has ceased to be the favorite ‘destination’ of terrorists.