English: Ram Jethmalani (born September 10, 19...

English: Ram Jethmalani (born September 10, 1923) is an Indian politician and a famous and controversial criminal lawyer. He was born at Shikharpur in Sind (now in Pakistan), in 1923. I took this photograph in Boston MA when he was visit a Sindhi friend. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


to Ms Mamata Sharma, Chairman, NCW
Recently a 16-year-old girl on 20/08/2013 had lodged a police complaint, accusing Sri Asaram Bapu, a religious Godman, of sexually assaulting her at his ashram near Jodhpur. Sri Asaram was arrested from his ashram in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and brought to Jodhpur on 01/09/2013.
Immediately after his arrest, Sri Asaram filed an application for bail in the same court, which rejected the plea on 04/09/2013. Sri Asaram later hired Sri Ram Jethmalani, generally called India’s top criminal lawyer, after losing his bail plea before Hon’ble lower courts.
Senior advocate Sri Jethmalani, one of India’s top legal minds, is alleged to have made an extremely impertinent and improper and highly controversial statement about this girl who has accused Sri Asaram of sexual assault.
After the Jodhpur bench of the Hon’ble  Rajasthan High court on Monday (16/09/2013) deferred the hearing on the bail application of Sri Asaram Bapu till September 18, Sri Jethmalani is said to have made an extremely bizarre statement, which is definitely objectionable against the girl, when on Monday he is alleged to have said that the girl “was afflicted with a chronic disease, which draws a woman to a man and said that this was subject to police investigation.”
While Sri Jethmalani, an elderly man in his 90s and an extremely well-known lawyer, has all the right to defend his clients with all the force, voracity and strength, he has no right to make a comment/statement or allegation without any basis, against a poor and helpless girl, who came forth to register an FIR against a very powerful person, who Sri Jethmalani is presently defending.
No ethics, morality and societal code would give Sri Jethmalani a right to make such unsubstantiated allegations without adequate reasons, just to score certain points for his client.
This statement, being insulting and derogatory, particularly against a young girl of 16, who is facing the worst trauma of her life, while fighting a legal battle against an extremely powerful and influential power, after alleged sexual attempt, needs to be immediately enquired into and appropriate action taken in this matter, in the interest of justice and for the dignity and honour of the entire womenhood in general and the assault victim in particular.
The matter is extremely important, considering the social position of Sri Jethmalani and the weight that his words command and hence with a saddened heart, this complaint is being presented against a leading legal luminary of India, who seems to have badly erred here through this prima-facie unfounded derogatory and improper remark.
Amitabh Thakur,
5/426, Viram Khand,
Gomti Nagar,
# 094155-34526
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