Showing characteristic highhandedness and propensity to take arbitrary and undemocratic decisions, a notice has been issued by the Tapti Hostel administration against women students using toilets/washrooms in the boy’s wings. Moreover, the notice states that the host of the woman concerned will be fined Rs. 500. This latest diktat of the Tapti administration is shocking and condemnable and must be withdrawn. 

Such diktats go against the well-established democratic norms in JNU, and intend to impose policing of public spaces. Such moves are just yet another sign of arbitrariness that wardens and hostel administrations like to display every now and then. Time and again, we have seen individual wardens coming up with arbitrary decisions – which including trying to impose fines for keeping shoes in the corridor! 

The Tapti diktat is the latest in the long series of attempts of moral policing by the administration. Fining male hosts for women simply using the washroom is condemnable and has to be resisted. Such steps flies in the face of onerous efforts on the part of GSCASH and democratic forces in the campus to encourage gender-sensitive mindset and culture in campus spaces.

JNUSU appeals to the student community to expose and oppose all such arbitrary, undemocratic and discriminatory rules and regulations imposed by the wardens and JNU administration. Such a culture of adopting arbitrary actions by the wardens must be resisted.