By MM Special Correspondent,

New Delhi, 10 Aug 2015 : Dalit families from Hisar’s Bhagana village, who have been protesting at Jantar Mantar for the past two years over alleged atrocities and rapes by the upper-caste Jats, who had converted to Islam at Jantar Mantar on Saturday had been brutally attacked by Delhi Police last night .

Right hand of Satish Kajla now (Abul Kalam) was fractured when his camp at Jantar Mantar was attacked around midnight on 9 Aug 2015.

Last night at 11 pm dozens of police officials ransacked their camp and started beating them mercilessly. The attack was so brutal that 7 protesting Dalits were seriously injured. Hands of two of protesting Dalits were broken by Lathi Charge. Even the personal Assistance of Swaraj Abhiyan Leader Yogender Yadav was also brutally beaten. (He presently is admitted in LNJP Hospital).

“Around 15-20 policemen attacked us at night, some of them were in civilian uniform, they asked us to leave the protest site saying we have no permission. But we have nowhere to go…we have been evicted from our own village, They mercilessly thrashed us . Seven of us were severely injured. One is still in hospital ” said Jagdish Kajla who sustained injuries in hand and back. Kajla converted to Islam with other on 8 August and became Abdul Kalam.



The signs of Lathi Charge are apparent on bodies of 7 protesting Dalits. Spot enquiry and statements of victims and others clearly transpires that it was a well thought and pre-planned act of Govt of India to crush the peaceful agitation.

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” Last night at  11 pm policemen in plain cloths and  as well as uniform got into our camp and ordered us to move out and vacate the camp , but we refused and said that we had been evicted from our houses and now you want  us to move out also from  this camp, we will never vacate it . Hearing this they started beating us mercilessly , they didn’t spare even women ”  said  Monica Bangaria talking to Muslim Mirror.

Dr Shahid Ali of United Muslims Front meeting with the injured persons at the camp .

Seemingly the attack was for the reason that the over 50  Dalits converted to Islam  two days ago  as a mark of protest for neglecting to address their just and legitimate demands.

Taking the initiative against the brutal attack Dr Shahid Ali of United Muslims Front has declared that he would ‘ leave no stone turned in ensuring the justice for those innocent, poor and oppressed Dalits as the plight of protesting Dalits may be inferred from the mere fact they were forced by govt’s irresponsible attitude to renounce their religion.

The protesting families had been threatening to convert to Islam for the past week.

In should be noted that members belonging to right wing Hindu group VHP ( Vishwa Hindu Parishad)  had attacked them on Saturday at Jantar Mantar after hearing the news of their  conversion to Islam.