Shrimaan , Shaktimaan
Aadarniya Pradhan
I beg pardon
Mujhe maaf karna
I will not light candle
I will keep the lights on
As a symbol
As a beacon
For my country men
Who walked the roads
Desperate to reach
Their homes
Their families
Far far away
Driven by fear
Of disease , hunger
Their daily living
Snatched without warning
You could have done better
Gentler , different
You and your government
But you have a past
Even though
The designer clothes
The dialogue delivery
The diaspora
The diplomatic circles
Have hailed you
I am unable to forget
The massacres
The killings
Murderous encounters
Yours the first government
That has legitimized
Majoritarian hubris
Demonized minorities
The first regime
That has impugned
The Constitution
You’ve done at will
You’ve been unafraid
There was no one to counter
The masses have been cowered
Or looking for the glory
You’ve promised
It’s within reach let’s unite
A few dissenters
Just squelch
Liberal voices
Raid their offices
Independent journalists
Too few to count
Demonize them
Cast doubts aspersions
Label them traitors
I refuse to listen
To your deception
Refuse to be lulled
By your hypnotic potion
Therefore , no candles
For me
But I will light up my home
I will pray for my nation
My countrymen
For their minds to be lighted
And sing Saare Jahan se

M.T , a neurologist