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Flag of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a national political party in India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jharkhand Chief Minister and JMM leader Hemant Soren today claimed that the amount spent by BJP on media advertisements was more than that of the state’s annual budget.

“The BJP has spent over Rs 25,000 crore on its media advertisement while Jharkhand’s annual budget is around Rs 15,000 crore,” Soren said while addressing a joint rally with Congress here.

“Had the people’s representatives of BJP distributed the money among poor people of the state, the voters would have sent them in Parliament with honour,” he said.

Alleging that heavy amount of cash belonging to sitting MPs of BJP had been seized from across the state, the Chief Minister accused BJP of using money power and flaring up communal frenzy to wrest power.

Soren said this election was not an ordinary general election as the country’s unity was at stake since BJP was trying to divide people on communal lines for votes.

He also took a dig at former cabinet colleague and trade union leader Chandrashekhar Dubey, now Trinamool Congress candidate from Dhanbad, charging him with joining his new party for personnel gain at the cost of miners.

In Soren’s first rally in the coal belt, he held Coal India Limited (CIL) responsible for backwardness of colliery areas and said if his alliance won Giridih and Dhanbad seats, headquarters of CIL and DVC would be brought in Jharkhand from Kolkata.


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