Police Say He May Endanger Victim’s Life
A sessions court last week refused to grant bail to a 36-year-old man who beat up and raped his live-in partner after she refused to have sex with him. The court refuted the man’s claims that it did not amount to rape as she was his wife.It said it was clear from the FIR and history given to the doctor that the victim was not married to the accused. “Even if it is considered that she is major age woman, and was in a live-in relationship with the accused, the act of the accused is so serious that he assaulted her with belan and knife, causing her 22 grievous injuries,“ the court said.

The court also pointed out three other cases of assault against the accused and said he was in the habit of causing grievous injuries. It said he did not deserve bail. A previous bail plea moved by him was rejected on December 22.

The woman lodged the complaint with the Agripada police on December 5, 2016. She said she had been living with the accused after his divorce.She said she too was divorced and had a 19-year-old son. She said the accused resided in her mother’s building and that was how she had got to know him.The woman said she had complained to her mother that the accused used to force to have sex.She said on December 5, 2016, while she sleeping, the accused woke her up and began to abuse her in filthy language. The woman said he then beat her, assaulted her on her private parts and demanded sex. She alleged that when she refused, he hit her with a wooden stick and slashed her arms and legs with aknife. The woman said he then forced her to have oral sex and raped her . The accused then left the house. She lodged the complaint the following day and the accused was arrested.

The man denied the allegations and said the case was based on “marital misunderstanding“. Police opposed the bail plea and said if released the accused could endanger the life of the woman. They alleged that the accused could abscond. Medical reports showed the woman had suffered face, head and arm injuries.