IANS  |  New Delhi March 15, 2016 Last Updated at 16:36 IST

The CPI-M is set to recommend amendments to theAadhaar bill, which is listed to be tabled in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, the last day before the budget session goes on over a month-long break.

The opposition has openly expressed its displeasure over converting the Aadhar bill into a money bill, calling it government attempt to surpass Rajya Sabha where it is minority.

Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader Sitaram Yechury said on Tuesday that his party was going to recommend amendments to the legislation.

“We will move amendments… if they are passed by the house, it will be sent to the Lok Sabha for approval,” Yechury told reporters.A

He however did not disclose what the amendment would be.

Asked whether CPI-M will get the support of Congress and other parties in passing the recommendation for amendment, the Left leader said they were discussing the issue with other opposition parties.

The Rajya Sabha has no role in passing money bills, and once passed by the Lok Sabha, it becomes a law even if the upper house does not return it within 14 days.

The upper house also has no right to amend a money bill.

However, it can recommend amendments, which can be accepted or rejected by Lok Sabha.

In case amendments are recommended, the bill will remain pending unless the process is completed in Lok Sabha.

Government sources meanwhile said they are ready and BJP members have been asked to be present in both houses of parliament for the whole day.

Opposition had also sought extension of the session before the break to debate bills, including the Aadhaar bill.