– 8 Of 11 Of Dadri Murder Accused Related To Local BJP Leader

NEW DELHI: Home Minister Rajnath Singh spoke on the Dadri murder, where a fifty five year old man was beaten to death and his son critically injured over rumours that the family was eating beef. “It was an unfortunate incident. But it is not proper to give communal colour to it,” Singh told reporters. Other BJP leaders have excused the incident in a similar vein, with a former legislator from Dadri Nawab Singh Nagar referring to the accused as “innocent children.” Local BJP leader Vichitra Tomar too referred to the accused as “innocent people” saying that action, instead, needs to be taken against those accused for slaughtering cows.

The “innocent” “children” and “people” that led the “unfortunate incident” that was “not communal” were a handful of dropouts, graduates, students, gainfully employed — none with any criminal record.

However, as the BJP insists that the incident should not be politicised, reports indicate that eight of the 11 accused were related to a local BJP leader: Sanjay Rana.

The main accused, Vishal Rana, 20, is the son of Sanjay Rana. Vishal allegedly organised the meeting where the mob was incited to attack the Akhlaq family. Vishal stopped studying after completing high school, and was employed in his brother-in-law’s advertising agency in South Delhi.

Brothers Vivek, 22, and Sachin, 20, are also related to Sanjay Rana. They were working with their father in his electricity repair business.

Saurabh, 21, and Gaurav, 22, are also related to Sanjay Rana. Saurabh was looking for a job and Gaurav is a law student.

Shivam, 19, also related to Sanjay Rana, was in his second year Medical Lab Technology.

Sandeep, 18, also related to Sanjay Rana, just completed school.

Vinay, a home guard constable detained in connection with the lynching, is also reportedly related to Sanjay Rana.

The other accused are:

Shri Om, 20, and Hari Om, 23, also brothers, who work in a private factory.

Rupendra, 23, is in college.

Sachin and Hari Om are still absconding.

BJP MLA Sangeet Som recently met with their families and vowed to get bail for them. He then blamed the UP government for partial treatment of the Muslim community. “The state government will pay the price for its partial behaviour towards one community,” the MLA from UP’s Sardhana constituency told reporters. “Like they (the ruling Samajwadi Party) had taken the accused in Muzaffarnagar riots in a plane, they have taken those cow killers in a plane,” Som said.

“Hindus know how to retaliate,” the BJP lawmaker added.