AHMEDABAD: In the second round of agitation by dalits, nearly 200 protesters from Saroda village of Dholka taluka, including women, were literally dragged to detention by city police for demanding their land rights in front of Ahmedabad district collectorate.


The protesters were agitating for possession of land, which has been allocated on paper over 10 years ago. Shockingly, women were seen brutally dragged and manhandled by male cops, and even elderly persons were thrashed.


Greeshma Rai, member of Rashtriya Dalit Adhikar Manch (RDAM), the organization holding the protest, said women were manhandled by male cops. “Though the majority of protesters were women, city police did not deploy women cops and instead male officers were dragging us,” Rai said. “One of the women protesters, Nayna Maheria from Saroda village was slapped by ACP Arpita Patel and pushed into the police van. Even I was slapped by Patel inside the van ,” Rai alleged.


Kalpesh Solanki, a protesters, said the district administration last month promised to complete land measurement and allocate possession in 15 days, but no actions were taken even after a month. “The measurement has begun, but they have not allocated a single inch of land. As we went to protest, we were brutally beaten by the police,” he said.