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Published on November 8, 2012by snamboy, FAKING NEWS



On Thursday afternoon, Mumbai resident, Aanchal got the shock of her life as she reached the payment page of the IRCTC website. While she was coming to terms with the fact of getting atatkal ticket booked on the railway website, she was in for a bigger shock and fainted as she saw a dead body on the page.

The dead body that has been lying in the website for 2 months is yet to be identified. It is believed to be a well planned murder. The murderer is believed to have reached the inaccessible page of the slow website and placed the dead body within two minutes, before the page refreshed on its own. Not only was he quick to act but he knew the page was hardly visited.

The cyber crime department has been investigating the case. The department has deployed 10 of its best officers on the case.

“Despite our 10 officers putting in 3 hours of their effort, only one managed to reach the payment page,” said the cyber crime department. They further added that once their officer reached the payment page, all other officers had to act quickly to gather evidence before the page refreshed on its own.

The cyber crime department has contacted the IRCTC website for cheat codes to simplify accessing the website. But the team that created the website has been unavailable to answer the department or the media. In the event of not getting cheat codes, the department shall be roping in expert gamers on the case.

Reaching the payment page on IRCTC is as hard as reaching the expert level of many video games,” the crime department told our reporter.

When fakingnews last tried to contact Indian railways, the automated message replied ‘loading’ followed by another message ‘your session has expired.’

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