BY admin | November 6, 2014

By NVONews Correspondent,

New Delhi: A dead pig was found in Okhla’s Madanpur Khadar mosque. But Muslims refused to be provoked. They showed unparalleled restraint and instead of agitating against the nefarious act on roads and highways they went to the police and filed an FIR against the unknown criminals.

Delhi is facing communal onslaught that was never experienced in the last more than two decades. Whether there was a BJP government or a Congress government, Delhi remained a bastion of peace and tranquility. Communal tension that used to be a normal thing prior to Babri masjid demolition in 1992 was completely forgotten.
madanpur khadar
But things have started becoming serious in the last couple of months. One after the other there have been communal incidents after short intervals in different parts of the capital, the biggest urban concentration in the country. For the last several weeks we have seen communal tension flare up in one area after the other. Trilokpuri remained under curfew and there were large scale arson in the area forcing members of minority community to leave the place and shift to safer areas

Bawana area is still tense following the so called mahapanchayat that saw a few hundred people trying to stop the Muharram procession in the locality. For decades these processions have been taken out unhindered without causing slightest communal issue.

But the best thing about the JJ cluster in Okhla is the fact that the Muslim community, obviously outraged, didn’t resort to protests as the perpetrators had wanted. They, instead chose restraint, and went to the police with local Hindus to file a police complaint.

It is obvious that some vested interest wanted to create communal tension in this Muslim majority district. A local Aam Aadmi party activist Amanatullah saying, “What happened in Trilokpuri was very unfortunate and then there was the mahapanchayat at Bawana. It seems the riots were engineered and it is easy to spark a riot in a sensitive area like Okhla.” Karan Bidhuri of Madanpur Khadar was quoted by Times of India as saying, “Both Hindus and Muslims are living in peace, and to maintain harmony it is important to constitute an aman committee for the Okhla area. The way communal passions are being stirred in Delhi, such committees will be needed in every part of the city.”