Jakarta Declaration 7th December, 2017

International Conference “In Defending Palestinian Rights” –
Jakarta 7-8th, December 2017

We the participants of the International Palestine Conference held in Jakarta, on 7, 8 December 2017, with delegates from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, India, Argentina, Malalysia, Phillippines & Indonesia hereby declare:

  1. This conference resolved to continue to support the cause of the liberation of Palestine with Jerusalem (Al-Quds) as a its capital. We call upon the people and the nations of the world to continue to support the Palestinian People and the Global Intifada, the Global Resistance to establish an independent sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital. Where Palestinians of all religions co-exist with mutual respect and equality on the 1948 borders of historic Palestine. This includes all Muslims, Christians & Jews and those who did not migrate from other countries to Palestine in 1917 or before.

  2. The conference categorically condemned U.S President Trump’s statement wherein he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Zionist Israeli Regime. Trump’s decision is illegal and a flagrant violation of all International laws and UN’s resolutions. The overwhelming majority of the nations have rejected Trump’s decision. Trump’s decision poses a threat to the holy city of Jerusalem as the continued Judaisation is a clear and present danger to the holy Masjid Al-Aqsa, the Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and all other Islamic and Christian sites.

  3. The entire world is witness to the fact that the Balfour Declaration has proved to be a genocidal disaster, a “Nakba” for the Palestinian nation over the course of the last 100 years. We unanimously state that the Balfour declaration is an unpardonable crime against the Palestinian nation & thus demand that the British government apologise for their crime against humanity.

  4. We strongly condemn the occupation and the daily oppression faced by the Palestinian people inflicted upon them by the Zionist apartheid Israeli colonial regime.

  5. We call upon all the International Palestine solidarity movements, all civil society organizations, NGOs, Human Rights & Peace activists to come togather, unite and support the Palestinian Resistance against the imperialist Zionist occupation to defend & protect the holy city of Jeruslaem which is the common heritage of all of Humanity.

  6. We especially call upon the Muslim world to unite and defeat all those forces that are spreading disunity, division among the Muslim nations and come forward to unite & undertake our Islamic duty for the liberation of Palestine and the holy city of Jerusalem.

  7. We support the Right of Return of all the Palestinian refugees that had been ethnically cleansed by the Zionists. We also call for the end of the siege of the Gaza strip & an immediate end to the building of all Settlements in the West Bank.