In its chargesheet, the Delhi Police have quoted a witness saying the accused told him that they raped the 9-year-old girl as she was a Dalit.

New Delhi: Every day there have been new shocking details in the rape and murder of 9-year-old girl in Delhi Cantonment. Delhi Police chargesheet now says that two of the four accused-a priest and a factory worker-have allegedly confessed to raping the minor because she was a Dalit.

The victim was forcibly cremated by the accused without the consent of her family. The chargesheet has quoted two public witnesses who claimed they were informed about the incident by the accused.

A public witness testimony is also part of the chargesheet. The man had recorded his statement before a magistrate on August 27. The Delhi Police have included two public accounts to make their case against the four accused identified as crematorium priest Radhey Shyam (55), Laxmi Narayan (48), Kuldeep Singh (63) and Salim Ahmed (49), according to a report in Indian Express.

According to the chargesheet, the two witnesses saw priest Radhe Shyam and Kuldeep carrying the girl’s body from one hall to another but did not suspect anything foul.

One of the witnesses in his statement claimed that the four accused sought his help and told him that they raped and killed the girl.

“When I asked them why did they rape and kill the girl, the accused-Shyam and Kuldeep-allegedly responded that they did it because the girl was Dalit by caste,” the chargesheet further quoted the witness as saying.

According to the witness, he and some other people attempted to douse the burning pyre but they were lathi-charged by the police. The witness claimed that local SHO, ACP and the investigation officer in the case were present at the spot.

The chargesheet also stated that Shyam had allegedly sexually assaulted the girl in the past as well. The girl died after Shyam and Kuldeep covered her mouth during the rape.

Courtesy : Times Now News