By- Dalit Camera

A family has gangraped 15 year old and her 23 year old sister in Delhi Nangloi area. Police has refused to file under POCSO Act and FIR delayed. Culprits are well connected to Pradhan of that area. Delhi Police is busy with filing FIR against Greta but go soft, when it’s Rapist.

A minor of 15, was gang-raped in Nangloi, in Delhi on the 4th of February. She was found at Nangloi desperately begging passer-bys to lend her phone to make a call home.

The police took her under their custody and filed a missing report, delaying filing FIR of her gang rape despite profusely bleeding from her private parts.

The perpetrators of this sexual violence well known to the girl live in her neighborhood and carried out the crime to rid themselves of a previous FIR registered against them for raping her elder sister.

Swati Maliwal of Delhi Commission for women had even visited her elder sister but no action was taken against the perpetrators who are said to be well connected with Pradhan of the area.

Police has currently not even filed a POSCO case, and is trying its best to wash it’s hands off the case.

When asked about arrests of perpetrators police said all our staff members are busy manning protest sites. The victim’s father, a taxi driver who has been consistently harassed by these goons have managed to put him behind bars under false allegations of rape.