ANI  |  New Delhi [India]

The family of a deceased senior citizen, who allegedly died due to standing in a queue for replacing old currency notes after the move, has moved the Supreme seeking a compensation of Rs. 50 lakh from the Centre.

70-year-old Siya Ram, a daily wager by profession, died on November 17 due to brain haemorrhage


Ram’s son Kanhaiya Lal has filed petition in the topstating that he was standing in queue from three days to exchange his currency.

The petition also claims that 40 ATMs in the city of five lakh residents are not even dispensing regularly.

The opposition parties have also demanded thatcondole the death of those who they allege have died because of the crunch after demonetisation.

“The 70 people, who have died standing in queues at banks, deserve a tribute,” said Leader of Opposition