This Republic Day we present before you the Hindi Poem, ‘Desh Ek Raag Hai’. Written by Jan-Kavi Bhagwat Rawat (1939-2012) almost 12-13 years back, the poem features his arguments and discussions (still relevant) on the idea of the ‘nation state’.

Performed by: Tigmanshu Dhulia, Ratna Pathak Shah and Rasika Dugal Cinematography by Bhumit Gujar

Sitar performed by Shruti Rawat

Music arranged by T S Dharmesh

Directed and produced by Malhar Salil, Parul Rawat —

This poem written by Jankavi Bhagwat Rawat and performed by Rasika Duggal, Ratna Pathak and Tigmanshu Dhulia is not only powerful and riveting but also resonates completely with the present political and social climate of our country. It talks about the beautiful, intimate and personal relationship a citizen shares with its country.

इस सबके बाद भी
आपको अपना राष्ट्र मुबारक 
मुझे तो अपना देश चाहिए 
आपको इक्कीस तोपों की सलामी मुबारक
मुझे आसमान में लहराता मेरा तिरंगा चाहिए 
बुरा लगा हो तो माफ़ करना
मैं तो अपने लोकतंत्र में 
अपनी छोटी सी नागरिक इच्छा परी करना चाहता था
इस बार छब्बीस जनवरी पर
मैं देश के नाम सन्देश देना चाहता था 
– भगवत रावत