and its official now

: The Home Minister had stated in Parliament that the No Objection Certificate (NoC) was given to Udwin and Anjali Bhushan but the latter’s name is missing from the documentary shown on BBC, prompting Ministry officials to summon all records pertaining to the documentary shoot from Tihar Jail authorities. Now comes another twist in the tale. It is learnt that a UK based “Worldview” funded “India’s Daughter” and listed Anjali Bhushan as the original co-producer of the documentary. However, after it was released, her name is missing from not only the credit rolls but also from the web page of the Italian distributor Berta Film and Denmark-based DR Sale, which hold the rights to distribute India’s Daughter



Priyanka Jain

Award winning documentary filmmaker Leslee Udwin (Photo: Reuters)Award winning documentary filmmaker Leslee Udwin (Photo: Reuters)

While the debate on the ethics and merits of broadcasting Leslee Udwin’s documentary India’s Daughter rages on along with news of an official ban on the film in India, there is another controversy simmering behind the scenes.

Writer/journalist Deepa Gehlot’s Facebook post – “Why is the BBC giving a slot to the Delhi rapist to express his sick ideas about women?”- opened up another can of worms, and adding fuel to this new controversy was filmmaker Nishtha Jain’s post on the same topic.

What We Know:

  • It is being alleged that the idea to make this documentary was floated by an Indian filmmaker, a lady who invited Leslee Udwin to be a part of the project.
  • According to the comments, Leslee has completely sidelined this Indian filmmaker who introduced Leslee to her friends in India (including filmmaker Sooni Taraporewala), all of who worked for free on the film as it was for a ‘good cause’.
  • The Indian filmmaker now has a gag order against her, which prevents her from speaking about the issue.
  • The people who helped Leslee at the behest of this Indian filmmaker are now feeling cheated.
  • Neil Sadwelkar, an editor who has apparently worked on the film along with Leslee alleges that he had heard Leslee’s version of the story.
  • The material, he claims that was shot earlier was technically unacceptable and had to be reshot.
  • To which Sooni replies, “Leslee was very much around when the ‘technically unacceptable’ material was shot so that cannot be a valid reason to sideline the Indian filmmaker who was once her partner.”

What We Don’t Know:

  • The identity of the Indian filmmaker who allegedly started this project that Leslee became a part of.
  • Why is there a gag order on her?
  • Who has slapped this gag order and from which court?

Some pertinent questions posted by filmmaker Nishtha Jain that Leslee Udwin must answer: