Much of what we  choose to promote on our website is here to help you, our readers, become better informed and educated.  By doing so, we hope to raise the level of conversation and awareness around issues of abuse. The following article is an eye opening piece on the military’s treatment of any soldier who reports personal abuse having taken place while in the service.  Did you know, that for our service men and women, if you are sexually assaulted and or raped, and this act is reported by you, it’s victim, you are discharged from duty? No wonder this behavior goes unreported at an even greater extent among our service men and women.

WE CAN DO BETTER! We have to change the way we treat survivors, both in the military and civilian populationCNN has put together an informative and enlightening interview that must be seen. It’s time we offer hope and help to those who are victims and survivors.  It is possible to stop abuse and you are vital to that very noble effort. Don’t forget! Take the pledge while you’re here. It’s quick and easy and it qualifies you as an official Abuse-Stopper! Become a member while you’re here and join the fight directly! It’s quick and easy and you are instantly making a difference!


 CNN talks to Rep. Jackie Speier, who is calling for impartial investigations of alleged rape in the U.S. military