Director Leena Manimekalai accused director Susi Ganesan in the #MeToo movement. In her latest statement, she said that if something untoward happened to her, it’d be his doing.

ChennaiDecember 19, 2021

Leena Manimekalai (R) says if something happened to her, it will be Susi Ganesan’s doing.

Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai has been fighting the tough fight ever since she accused director Susi Ganesan in the #MeToo movement for his alleged predatory behaviour. The latter filed a petition to impound her travel documents claiming that she would attempt to flee the country. He had initially filed a defamation case against her for naming him in the #MeToo movement.ADVERTISING

Earlier this month, the Madras High Court ordered the Passport Authority to return her passport. Susi Ganesan went to the Supreme Court challenging the order. However, the Supreme Court quashed the order. On December 19, Leena shared a statement on Twitter saying she feels unsafe and claimed that it would be Susi Ganesan’s doing if something were to happen to her.


Leena Manimekalai named Susi Ganesan in the 2018 #MeToo movement. Actor Siddharth and actress Amala Paul supported her, only to be harassed by Susi Ganesan later. Since then, she has been fighting in court as Susi Ganesan has levelled several allegations against her.

On December 19, Leena put out a statement saying she feels unsafe as Susi Ganesan is losing out on ways to target her. Her post read, “My sexual harasser Susi Ganesan first threatened actor Siddharth supporting my #MeToo tweet, then both him and his wife threatened actor Amala Paul when she tweeted about his predatory behaviour (sic).”

She then gave a timeline of what happened and explained how she feels unsafe. “Then, he filed a defamation case. And followed it up with the gross misuse of criminal justice system to impound my passport. Then he wrote to my Canadian University Administration and Professors to cancel my student visa status. Now he harasses journalists who cover the news and news editors who retweet my tweets. My mother frantically calls me every hour, being scared that he can harm me physically as all his tolls are running out. I am feeling very unsafe and if something untoward happens to me, I declare here in open that it will be his doing (sic),” read her post.


In her post in 2018, Leena Manimekalai mentioned that the #MeToo movement gave her the confidence to name her harasser. She said that the filmmaker sexually harassed her in a moving car. Susi Ganesan is known for making films like Kandasaamy, Five Star and Thiruttu Payale 2.

In an earlier interview to India Today, she said, “I did this to prick his conscience so that he will never think of harming other women. There is a lot at stake for me by naming the director. But I wanted to do it because I wanted to make the discussions wider and encourage more people to speak up.”

For the past three years, Leena Manimekalai has been facing several hurdles from Susi Ganesan and his wife.