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Create economic and healthcare closeness across South Asia during the Covid-19 crisis – Amartya Sen

31 May 2021 “We have to learn to maintain physical distancing but at the same time create economic and healthcare closeness in South Asia,” said Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, speaking at a webinar on South Asia’s response to the Covid-19… Continue Reading →

Bandra’s St. Peter’s Church puts up signboard in support of 84-year-old Father Stan Swamy

28 May,2021 |  Mumbai   | Nascimento Pinto On its board facing Hill Road, the church displayed this message, shared online by several locals: ‘We pray for Jesuit Fr Stan Swamy in jail for two thirty three days and counting’. Parish priest… Continue Reading →

India’s infertility war: Exposure to chemicals lowers sperm count, egg quality

By-Pooja Jaiswal Until about a decade ago, weekdays at the Agatsya Sperm Bank in Rajkot saw men, aged between 20 to 30 years, queue up outside the facility. A quick screening, and the young, athletic, qualified, English-speaking men among them… Continue Reading →

UP: Minor Dies By Suicide After Being Blackmailed By Neighbours Who Posted Objectionable Pics Online

POSTED ON MAY 26, 2021 The accused, Vishal, had been blackmailing the minor with the images and videos he had captured saying that he would post them if she didn’t pay him Rs 1.5 lakh. Agra: A 16-year-old girl in… Continue Reading →

Why has the government of Karnataka held the salaries of 42,000 ASHA workers during the pandemic?

Asha workers Published: 21st May 2021      Despite working around the clock during the pandemic, around 42,000 Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) workers haven’t received their salaries, which are as low as Rs 4,000 Rashmi PatilEdex Live ASHA workers are the ones… Continue Reading →

How are our cities making us lonely

Loneliness isn’t really a personal mental health issue. Instead, it’s embedded in how cities and systems are built and organised. by DEEPIKA KHATRI Describing her lockdown experience in a basti (settlement) in Mumbai, 15-year-old Saniya’s rap song captures the isolation that has given… Continue Reading →

Virtual training is helping people with disabilities get new job skills and promising new careers

 By Rosemary Marandi S Gokulakrishnan studied hard and snagged his first job soon after he earned his degree. A year later, like many of us do, he took a break from work to rethink his career. This 26-year-old commerce graduate and… Continue Reading →

‘Difficult to Predict how Many Waves of Covid-19 India will Have’—Vaccine Specialist Sanjay Rai

Multiplicity of vaccine brands will certainly lead to commercialisation of vaccines, the top scientist warns. byAjaz AshrafApril 17, 2021 Few had expected the second wave of the Coronavirus disease, or Covid-19, to sweep across India. As cities are placed under curfew… Continue Reading →

Bereavement Leave: Workplaces should be sensitive when a woman miscarries

The perceived notion that miscarriages are common and not a big deal, pressurises women and couples into silence, anxiety and depression. In India, under the Maternity Benefit Act, a woman is entitled to paid leave for six weeks immediately after… Continue Reading →

Gendered Experiences of COVID-19: Women, Labour, and Informal Sector

Gendered experiences of COVID-19 are shaped by the intersection of inequalities in the labour markets, intrahousehold power relations during stay-at-home and lockdown orders in the matters concerning care, stress and domestic violence; working from home along with housework, gendered experiences… Continue Reading →

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