Gangrape victim

Kavin Malar  Cuddalore, February 11, 2014 |

A physically-challenged woman, allegedly gangraped last month, drowned in a lake in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday.

The 20-year-old was to undergo a medical test to establish rape.

The woman’s body was found floating in Dharmaneri lake in Neyveli town in Cuddalore district.

She had gone to the lake with her mother.

“I was busy washing clothes. She was beside me. After a while, I realised she was not near me. The mug she had in her hands was floating in the lake. I asked a passerby for help and he found her body underwater. I don’t know what happened,” Shanthi, the woman’s mother, told India Today Online.

Chandra Sekar, an inspector at Neyveli Thermal Police Station, told India Today Online that it could be an accident.

“We are investigating. We come to know that she used to get fits. We suspect she might have suddenly got a fit and drowned. But since she was a gangrape victim, we do not want to jump to conclusions. We are going for a postmortem,” he said.

Mark Marshal, a relative of the woman, said she was staying at his house for the past three days.

The woman was allegedly gangraped in Oomangalam village near Viruthachalam in Cuddalore on January 26.

“She was found unconscious near a railway gate and her family members took her home. At home, she was behaving oddly and the family thought she was possessed. She had not told anyone about what happened. When she complained of pain in the abdomen, she was taken to a clinic. There, she told the doctor what had happened to her,” said Ilango, a member of the Elders for Elders Association in Cuddalore.

Soon, a complaint was registered in a police station and three men were arrested for alleged gangrape.

Ilango said the woman was about to undergo medical test in the gangrape case.


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