Disabled married daughter can’t avail CGHS: Health Ministry

Union Health Minister J P Nadda

“A daughter once gets married is related to her husband and can no more be treated as dependent on the principal beneficiary as before. Therefore, dependency defined for son and daughter cannot be compared to each other,” the Health Ministry has said in a communication to the department of pensions and pensioners welfare.

The latter, which reports to the PMO, had asked the health ministry to “examine the suggestion” of pensioner organisations for extension of CGHS facilities to married disabled/mentally retarded daughter of a government employee.

The Health Ministry rejected the suggestion on the ground of its order in 2007 and its have been communicated to the pensions department. Accordingly, an action taken report sent on October 8 to all the pensioner organisations.

A son can get CGHS facilities only till he turns 25 or starts earning, whichever is earlier when a disabled son is entitled to CGHS facilities for life but a daughter—disabled or not—can’t avail of CGHS facilities by virtue of being a child of a government employee once she is married or starts earning, whichever is earlier the Health Ministry’s Order in 2007.

The said rule daughter can only be eligible for CGHS facilities once married if she is divorced, abandoned and separated from her husband or widowed.