@ Delhi; Relief work 4th June 2020

On 4th June 2020 the relief team- Dalit Adivasi Shakti Adhikar Manch (DASAM), National Alliance of People’s Movement ( NAPM), Ambedkarwadi Lekhak Sangh (ALS), Delhi Solidarity Group (DSG), Magadh Foundation, Rehabilitation Research Initiative, Natt Ghumakkad Samaj Kalyan Samiti, National Domestic Workers Union with the support of Delhi Forum, SRUTI and fellow friends and Helping Hands Charitable Trust have been able to provide monetary assistance to 50 families living in Razapur Village, Sector 9, Rohini, Delhi. 

·         At Razapur Village, Sector 9, Rohini, people living in this colony are mostly in the profession of the domestic worker or rikshaw puller. They live in rented accommodations. We were able to provide monetory assistance to 50 such families. Here are excerpts from the relief team’s interaction with them:

1.      Gomti used to work as a domestic helper. Her family consists of a husband who is blind and five kids among which, one is disabled. She used to work in 2 houses which has completely stopped. She cries and tell us “ek waqt ki chai bhi naseeb nhi hoti” (I am unable to get tea for one time). She received wheat and rice from ration shop but it is insufficient to feed a family of seven. Her room rent is Rs. 6000/- per month. She asks us “What should I do, I don’t have energy now to work but have no option. One girl is of 26 year of age, I have to get her married”. She cries helplessly as she says “na me mar sakti hu, naa me ji sakti hu” (I can’t die but nor can I live).

2.       Sheila devi aged 25year, who used to work as domestic helper in a kothi, lives in a rented room. Her room rent is Rs 6000 including electricity and water. She has been receiving ration but unable to pay rent since the lockdown was introduced as she has received no work therefore no pay since the lockdown. If she pays the rent of the house, she says, she won’t be able to eat and feed her family. 

3.      Anguri and her daughter, both used to work as domestic workers but now are unemployed due to lockdown. Her son used to work in the office has been unemployed and her husband used to wash cars but now people don’t drive cars and therefore husband has no work. The family gets food from schools by Govt. aid for one time a day and the other time, they try to arrange it by themselves.

4.      Rasha is a migrant worker and hails from Jhansi. She is a 25yr old woman who used to earn living by doing household chores. She has no work and money. With 4 kids and husband stuck in village, she had to take loan from someone to feed her family. Also, she had to pay Rs. 3000/- per month even during the lockdown as her landlord left no option.\

5.      Om Prakash is a 65year old man who used to work as a Rickshaw puller for the last 18 yrs. Since last 4 months, he has no work. His room rent is Rs. 4000/- per month which he is unable to pay but has to pay later. He received no ration from govt. as he is not an “aadhar card” holder.

6.       Rambai, a 60-year-old migrant worker from Panna who is working in Delhi as a domestic worker for the last 20 years used to earn monthly Rs. 7-8000/- per month is now unemployed. Her room rent is Rs. 5000/- per month which she paid after taking a loan. She received ration from civil societies.

7.       Meena a domestic worker in shakti apartment with 4kids has no ration card and received a dry ration kit once from civil society since lockdown was imposed.

·         The financial situation of all these families has deteriorated due to the lockdown. Before the lockdown, they were able to meet their normal house needs from their business or work, but now a situation of starvation is standing in front of them. Women and men are all unemployed and are not getting any financial assistance from anywhere. The young children of these families are starving. Sick – The elderly are becoming critical due to lack of medicines.

·         With the help of these organizations, we have so far provided financial assistance to more than 500 families from marginalized sections. This includes sanitation workers, sewer workers, daily wage and migrant laborers, De-notified Tribes- DNTs, garbage pickers, nomadic caste Sansi Community, Deha Samaj, Valmiki’s families. Apart from this, dry ration kits have been distributed to 100 families and soaps, masks, small towels, etc. for sanitization to 100 families. All these families were already in a very deplorable condition. This lockdown has changed their situation. Due to the lockdown, these people are unable to get work, most used to earn daily and feed themselves.

·         With the little help we provide, these families buy milk, medicine and essential items for women and children. These families were selected by the activists and community workers associated with the organizations with their combined efforts.

·         Therefore, there is an appeal to all of you that you can help these families with a contribution. Come together to counter this epidemic and help the people in distress and provide relief.

·         Apart from financial support, you can give items such as food items, sanitation kits, children’s and women’s items etc. or you can reach out to the needy families from our medium too.

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For donations of more than Rs. 5000, Copy of pan card is required, after making a donation, please send an email to [email protected]

·         If you want to assist in kind such as want to provide Ration, sanitizers, masks or anything else, please reach out to us. We can collect the items from You or you can participate in the d

distribution too.

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